YouTube’s ‘Player for Education’ aims to improve interactive learning

What you need to know

  • YouTube announces its new “Player for Education.”
  • This new player hopes to improve the learning experience viewers gain while searching for information on the platform.
  • YouTube will introduce paid or free “Courses” for qualified creators in the coming year.
  • Creators will also have the ability to create quizzes for their viewers that may pertain to a recent video.

YouTube’s latest additions seek to better help viewers learn while watching videos on the platform.

YouTube posted on its official blog the announcement of its new Player for Education. The video streaming platform is looking to “improve the YouTube experience in educational environments” with this new player. This will be a YouTube embedded player that “shows content on commonly used education apps without distractions.” YouTube cited a recent study that said 93% of its viewers reported using the service for informational purposes.

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