A YouTuber put Apple’s claims about the Apple Watch Ultra’s durability to the test by putting it through a drop test, a bowl of screws, and repeated strikes with a hammer to test the sapphire crystal glass.

CruxA popular channel for product durability testing, it tested the Apple Watch Ultra‌ first by dropping it from a height of about 4 feet. The Apple Watch Ultra‌ was left mostly uncovered, along with some scratches alongside the titanium case from falling off. Next, the Apple Watch Ultra‌ was shuffled into a bowl of screws and, once again, left without visible marks.

TechRax also tested the durability of the Apple Watch Ultra‌ sapphire crystal display by repeatedly hitting it with a hammer. In testing, the watch withstood repeated hammer strikes until it finally cracked after repeated hits, only after the table dealt some damage first.

Apple Watch super hammer test
While the Apple Watch Ultra ‌ screen was undamaged initially, the watch failed to turn on after repeated strikes. Failure to operate may indicate that although the glass may not initially break, some internal components may have been damaged. Of course, the test is unrealistic in depicting a typical use case of the Apple Watch Ultra‌, but it may provide some customers with reassurance of the robustness of the sapphire crystal display.

Apple claims the Apple Watch Ultra‌ is the most rugged, durable and extreme Apple Watch to date and it’s in direct competition with Garmin. In response to the Apple Watch Ultra‌, Garmin said it measures battery life in “months,” not “hours.” The Apple Watch Ultra‌ starts at $799 and starts hitting customers Friday.

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