Work profiles on Android 13 better separate your work and private life

What you need to know

  • Work profiles on Android 13 are receiving better improvements.
  • Updates to the Android Management API will allow for better customization of an employee’s experience while using a company-owned device.
  • “Stay Private on Wi-Fi network” assists employee’s in encrypting their data while using their personal profile on their company’s Wi-Fi.

Google’s work profiles also make the boundary between work and private time more apparent. New updates aim to provide a smoother experience, simpler design, and increased productivity while also including cross-device capabilities.

Through a Keyword post, Google detailed how these new improvements for those business workers in the office should better their overall Android 13 experience. The first feature is a more streamlined Android Management API. Google states that the update to its API “goes beyond just managing device policies.” The update coming to the Android Management API gives it the ability to customize an employee’s experience on a company device.

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