Winter is coming with an all-new “All-Out War” event

Game of Thrones: Winter is comingThe famous title has been released all-out war, an all-new cross-server real-time strategy battle event that takes the story of Westeros to a new level. Total war is a Cross-server PvP events Where different factions compete for the ultimate glory while maintaining real-time tactical control of the battles.

Players can walk freely across a large map, changing their aim or destination at any time! Moreover, they can order 10 million soldiers who are automatically sent by the system without having to worry about losses. Start with a whole new kind of gameplay and enjoy an immersive city siege whenever and wherever you want!

Create strategies and conquer cities in Game of Thrones Winter is Coming-All-Out War

In the All-Out War event, players must develop strategies to gradually occupy cities. To occupy the majority of cities and defend their faction, they must produce More resources, get more buffs, and defeat powerful opponents. Unlike the previous Castle Siege event, players will not be able to enter and occupy cities before the city gates are destroyed.

Game of Thrones Winter is coming from an all-out war event
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Within cities, different buildings serve different functions. When attacking, players can create troops from a military camp in the military city closest to the front lines, greatly reducing the march distance and time. If the enemy’s camp is destroyed during the siege, the enemy will not be able to form forces from that city, which increases the opponent’s victory.

The event will also include a new buggy system

This update also includes a file wagon vehicles The system is only available during the All-out War event. In the All-Out War battlefield, players cannot start a rally without a chariot chariot. Vehicles have different functions that can make the battle more exciting and unpredictable. Players can do abusiveAnd the defensiveor logistics Roles to assist their faction in producing and arranging resources and vehicles.

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