Will Call of Duty remain on PlayStation?

Will Call of Duty remain on PlayStation?

Best answer: Call of Duty will remain on PlayStation for at least three more releases (ending in 2024), according to those familiar with the current agreement between Activision and Sony. Microsoft has offered to keep it on PlayStation for three additional years after the current agreement ends, but Sony has called that offer “inadequate.”

What’s going on with Call of Duty?

Call of Duty is in an interesting situation right now. PlayStation and Activision currently have a marketing deal set to go on for at least another couple of years, but Microsoft announced it would be acquiring Call of Duty publisher Activision (opens in new tab) for nearly $69 billion in early 2022. This would make Microsoft the owner of the franchise when the deal goes through, which is expected to happen in 2023. 

Despite this, existing agreements need to be honored, meaning that Call of Duty will remain multiplatform for the time being, releasing on PS5 alongside Xbox and PC. 

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