Why is my iPhone hot? And my battery is running out

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If your iPhone is heating up and overheating, there are a number of things that can cause this problem on your device. Another symptom of your iPhone getting hot is also the battery running out on your device.

It can be caused by software or hardware, and this guide is designed to help you determine why your device is overheating and overheating and help you find a solution.

Your iPhone is heating up under heavy use

There are several different things that can cause your iPhone to overheat and this can be when you use the device a lot, say if you have been playing on the iPhone for a long period of time. Or if you are watching videos in higher resolution and more.

When you use your iPhone constantly for a long period of time, it can cause the device to get hot and it can feel warm on the back of the device. When the CPU and GPU on the device are under heavy load, it may cause the device to overheat, and it may also drain your iPhone battery at the same time.

The easiest way to fix this is to take a break from using your iPhone for a few minutes, and usually the device can cool down for about 10 minutes to an acceptable level.

Another solution is to change the settings on your device to reduce the load on the CPU and GPU, this can be done with games where you can change the settings in your game so that it uses less resources. This can also be done when watching videos, you can reduce the resolution of the videos you watch, this will reduce battery usage and stop the device from getting too hot.

Check your iPhone settings to see if this is causing the problem.

An important thing to do to prevent your device from overheating is to check the settings on your iPhone. If the screen brightness is set as high as 100%, this can cause a problem.

Your iPhone should automatically adjust the brightness depending on the ambient light around you If this setting is turned off on your device and brightness is set to high then this could be causing the problem.

Since the brightness on your iPhone is too high, it may use extra CPU power, drain your battery and heat up your device.

Your iPhone is heating up due to a software issue

There are a number of software issues that can cause your iPhone to overheat, if you have a lot of apps running in the background, this can cause a problem.

Usually background apps shouldn’t cause a problem on your device as they shouldn’t actually be running in the background. If there is a problem with one of these apps, it can cause a problem and drain resources in the background when it is not running.

The best way to know if one of these background apps is causing a problem is to close all background apps on the iPhone. This will get rid of any apps that might be causing your device to overheat and drain the battery.

If none of these things work, the next thing that you can do is to restart your iPhone, and this may remove any software issues your device is having.

The last option to deal with a software issue that causes your iPhone to heat up is to perform a factory reset on the device. You should make sure to backup your device first so that you can install everything easily once you reset your iPhone.

Your iPhone may be overheating due to a hardware issue

If you have tried all the above solutions and your iPhone is still overheating and the battery is running low, then there may be a hardware issue on your device. The most likely problem could be a faulty battery, if this is the problem then you can take your device to an Apple Store or a third party repairer to have the battery replaced.

You can check to see if your battery may be causing a problem on your iPhone from the Settings menu. To do this, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. You will then be able to see the maximum capacity of your battery, if it is low this could cause a problem.


We hope that this guide will help you in finding a solution to hot iPhone issues and also for any potential battery drain issues. If you have more tips or tricks that you think might help with these issues, or if you have any questions, please leave a comment below. You can learn more details about what to do if your device overheats at Apple website.

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