What are Honor Points in Free Fire Max, full explanation and effect

Find out about Honor’s score in Free Fire Max, don’t misunderstand it.

Free Fire Max. (Garina)

hitekno.com – Garena has added a new feature to Free Fire Max, an honor degree that is making a difference. Find out the Honor Score in Free Fire Max and its impact on the game.

The Honor Score in Free Fire Max was introduced by Garena in an update to maintain the behavior of players in the game, especially in relation to other players.

Quoting the HiTkeno.com team from Suara.com, What are Honor Points in Free Fire Max in short is a strict rule for players to maintain their behavior in the game.

With these Honor Points in Free Fire Max, Garena will punish rude and inconsistent players.

Honor Score is a scoring system where players may encounter various problems when they are under a certain score.

Players who engage in inappropriate behavior such as being AFK, verbally harassing other players, constantly dropping out of a match, and engaging in malicious behavior will result in a drop in Honor Points.

Free Fire Max players can see their honor points in the profile section. The highest honor score is 100 points and if the player does the above things, it will cause the points to be deducted automatically.

Not only that, Garena has also added an option for players to report other people being abused. This can include verbal abuse and other toxic behaviors within the game.

Free Fire Max.  (Garina)
Free Fire Max. (Garina)

I mentioned from Sportskeeda On Wednesday (14/9/2022), here are the rules that players must abide by regarding Honor Points:

  • If the violation rate is less than 30 percent, honor points will not be deducted.
  • For violations between 30-40 percent, there will be a 20 percent drop in Honor in Free Fire.
  • If the violation rate is between 40-50 percent, there will be an additional 40 percent drop in the score.
  • For violations between 50-70 percent, the player’s honor score will be reduced by 60 percent.
  • A false result greater than 70 percent will result in an additional 80 percent decrease in the result.

On the other hand, the developer has also added a bonus for players who manage to keep honor points at 100 per week.

Players will get 500 gold coins, 20 global coins and 2 random loot chests as weekly rewards.

Players will get the following consequences if the Honor Score drops below the Particle Score:

  • Scores below 90 will result in a C_Ranked and Ranked ban for a limited time.
  • Scores below 80 will result in a ban in CS, BR and Time Restriction rating modes.
  • Scores below 60 will result in a ban in team mode and all ranking modes.

To increase honor points in Free Fire Max, players are advised not to harm fellow players and to play the game with normal behavior.

This is the interpretation of Honor Points in Free Fire Max that Garena offers to make players more careful about their behavior. (Suara.com/ Lintang Siltya Utami)

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