vivo opened direct sales from vivo V25

After the Vivo V25 was officially launched and the pre-order program opened, consumers can now get the Vivo V25 officially. The Vivo V25 is marketed at 5,999,000 rupees and is already available in vivo stores, e-commerce partners and vivo retail partners in various regions in Indonesia.

Coming with a 64MP OIS Night Camera, Bokeh Flare Portrait + Bokeh Portrait Video, 8GB + 8GB Extended RAM, Liquid Cooling System, and color changing glass, the Vivo V25 is ready to support recording activities and everyday consumer smartphone use.

“We are very happy that consumers in Indonesia have been able to get the official Vivo V25 through both online and offline channels. With the motto of ‘Life is Cinematic,’ the vivo V25 comes with different benefits,” said Yuga Samiji, Senior Product Manager at vivo Indonesia.

Presents vivo V25 as the best cinematic smartphone

To support photography and videography activities, Vivo V25 integrates camera technology in the form of a 64MP night vision camera. This support is able to reduce blurry images caused by vibration and compensate for low light levels.

The OIS Super Night Mode feature on vivo V25 contributes to night photography activities and can solve the problem of overexposure on dark faces or overexposed backgrounds. yes! Captured photos and videos will be clearer even when taken in low light conditions.

The vivo V25 is also equipped with Hybrid Image Stabilization technology that combines the dual effects of OIS and EIS to ensure stable transitions and minimal blur when recording video. EIS itself will improve the sharpness of each frame generated by the OIS system.

The rear camera module consists of a 64MP night camera, an 8MP wide-angle camera, and a 2MP super macro camera. To help users capture more cinematic photo and video objects, vivo V25 comes with Bokeh Flare Portrait and Bokeh Portrait Video technologies.

The Bokeh Flare Portrait feature of the vivo V25 has a special algorithm with a large aperture and can be used to take amazing photos outdoors at night. vivo also offers more luminous expression options, such as heart shapes, star explosions, and cherry blossoms.

While Bokeh Portrait Video feature is introduced so that consumers can be creative in making cinematic and aesthetic videos. With this feature, the video object will be the focal point of the recording and the background of the video will be blurred automatically.

As for the front camera, the Vivo V25 has 50MP eye AF and supports 50MP HD photo. With a high pixel size, vivo V25 has the advantage of sharpening images in both bright and dark conditions.

So that users can express themselves more and enjoy every precious moment, vivo V25 also offers other unique features, such as Vlog Movies that will invite users to record fun moments like weekends.

This Vlog Movie feature contains eight templates that users can use to create inspiring scenarios and save time in producing short videos. The vivo V25 is also equipped with Multi-Style Portrait (Motion Blur) on the front camera.

Not only that, Vivo V25 also has Dual-View Video feature. Support for this feature can display the front and rear cameras simultaneously. In this way, smartphone users can create interesting videos with additional perspectives.

Smooth multitasking and fun activities

To provide maximum smartphone performance on vivo V25, vivo includes Dimensity 900. The chipset support provided by MediaTek is able to provide efficient and powerful performance in imaging support and overall smartphone performance.

With two large Cortex-A78 CPU cores operating at speeds up to 2.4GHz, the vivo V25 CPU delivers outstanding performance for faster application response, improved image quality, higher frame rates, and better network connections.

It doesn’t stop there, with 6nm manufacturing technology, AnTuTu score of around 420k and MediaTek 5G UltraSave technology, vivo V25 will reduce power consumption even after using heavy activities like gaming and video recording.

Coming with 8GB RAM + 8GB Extended RAM, Vivo V25 integrates the latest innovations in the form of Extended RAM 3.0 which can extend the RAM capacity up to 8GB. The extended RAM feature will expand the cache by taking the resources from the ROM.

The additional virtual RAM uses up to 8GB of storage space so that the smartphone’s performance is maximized and it can run 50% more apps simultaneously compared to the previous generation Vivo V-Series.

Switching between one app to several other apps will run smoothly and smoothly. Not only that, this extended RAM feature also allows users to perform application compilation, data compression and data aggregation smoothly.

As for the internal storage, the vivo V25 comes with a ROM of 256GB. There is also support for a microSD slot to accommodate additional data up to 1 TB. Thus, users can store more apps, photos, songs, and even favorite movies on their smartphones.

To balance the high and powerful performance of vivo V25, this smartphone is equipped with a cooling system in the form of a liquid cooling system that works better, more efficient and timely in dissipating and dissipating heat.

This liquid cooling system consists of PGS (thermal graphite plate) aluminum alloy middle frame, thermogel, multiple temperature sensors and intelligent temperature control strategy. Thus, the smartphone will not overheat and avoid problems with delays.

vivo has also updated its charging segment by incorporating ultra-fast charging technology in the form of 44W FlashCharge. yes! With such support, vivo claims to be able to charge 61% of smartphones in just 30 minutes.

As for the power supply capacity, the vivo V25 comes with a 4,500mAh battery. This large battery is capable of powering video playback activities for 7 hours, playing mobile games (PUBG) for 8 hours, and recording videos for up to 4 hours. vivo V25 is also powered by the smart charging engine.

Intelligent charging engine support can intelligently assess the current battery status and provide an optimal charging strategy according to different scenarios. This technology will reduce battery consumption and heat generated during the fast charging process.

Stylish and durable design cover for smartphones

To ensure a comfortable, durable and stylish smartphone use, the Vivo V25 integrates technology and design into a comfortable display. The vivo V25 comes with a simple 2.5D flat frame design that makes a great impression when held.

With a slim smartphone body, the vivo V25 measures around 7.79mm and weighs only around 186g. In addition, the Vivo V25 also carries IP54 certification for splash and dust resistance. As for the display, the vivo V25 comes with an AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 90Hz.

With this technology, smartphone screens can provide brightness levels of up to 1,300 nits. The vivo V25 also comes with a contrast ratio of 6000000:1, and is equipped with HDR10+ technology and SGH Eye Care screen to ensure user comfort and eye health.

For color choices, there’s aquamarine blue and diamond black. Both types of colors received a touch of Fluorite AG glass, which makes the surface of the back of the smartphone capable of changing from any angle under sunlight or UV light.

vivo has added a touch of color changing glass technology specifically to the vivo V25 Aquamarine Blue, creating a balance between dark blue and sapphire blue. This is intentionally done by Vivo to make the smartphone look more unique.

Vivo V25 Super Selling Day

For consumers who want to get the vivo V25, vivo Indonesia officially sells vivo V25 at Rs 5,999,000 and sales open starting September 16, 2022, both online and offline, at all Vivo official partners as well as Vivo official stores and retail partners of Vivo Indonesia .

Vivo has also implemented the Vivo V25 Super Sale Day Program in collaboration with Tokopedia from September 16 to 23, 2022. Consumers who purchase a Vivo V25 at Tokopedia will get a reward in the form of a TWS Air worth Rs 499,000.

In addition, consumers also have the opportunity to get other additional benefits, such as Gopay coin Rp.200,000, Exchange Add Promo, or Bank promotion / installment offer without credit card. There is a free shipping promotion with a maximum of IDR 20,000 (Java Island) and a maximum of IDR 50,000 (outside Java).

Meanwhile, in the payment system, Vivo provides easy interest installments of 0% by utilizing Home Credit Indonesia, Kredit Plus, AEON, Kredivo and Indodana services. vivo will also hold a “V25-Experience” to celebrate the presence of the vivo V25 Series 5G.

The ‘V25-Experience’ aims to invite consumers to feel the excitement at the launch of this latest Vivo flagship product in Bandung. Through this activity, Vivo will provide product introductions and education on Vivo V25 Series 5G features and technologies.

The “V25-Experience” program will be filled with a series of festive activities, ranging from customer gathering activities, road shows during CFD, and various promotions. The customer gathering agenda will take place from 16-18 September 2022 in vivo store and will be full of many interesting events.

Meanwhile, the “Parade vivo V25 Series” will take place during Car-Free Day on September 18 and 25, 2022 by taking the Dago – BEC route and inviting the communities. In addition, Vivo also held interesting activities by offering live prizes, live broadcasts, and small gatherings.

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