VIVAN & ROBOT Brings CEO of PT Wook Global Technology to Top 100 Elite

Being the first S2B2C (Business-to-Customer) e-commerce platform in Indonesia, PT. Wook Global Technology has achieved great success in dominating the Indonesian market. yes! Not only providing hardware accessories, but also electronics.

VIVAN and ROBOT are the largest brands of smart hardware accessories for Wook in Indonesia, which control about 40%-50% of the powerbank market share in Indonesia. VIVAN itself has also won the Best Brand award in a row since 2015.

It is not wrong that this success made the CEO of PT. Wook Global Technology Xu Long Hua is included in Forbes’ Global 100 Outstanding Chinese List. According to a Forbes report, Xu Long Hua was included in the list of 35 names for the Top of The Profession category.

Xu Long Hua has also been able to collaborate with several CEOs from world-renowned companies such as TikTok CEO Zhou Shou Zi, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Nvidia Asia Pacific Zheng Yita and PayerMax Global Business Leader Stella Wu.

Xu Long Hua founded PT. Wook Global Technology is passionate about shortening the distribution chain between vendors and suppliers of technology products. In this way, transactions between the two parties become more efficient and distribution is speeded up.

Currently PT. Wook Global Technology itself already has 40,000 retailers spread across Indonesia. Along with VIVAN and ROBOT, currently PT. Wook Global Technology owns brands such as ACOME, GAMEN (Gaming Accessories) and SAMONO (Home Appliances).

There’s also Bonbox (home living), Sooku, Rona (home decor), BERLALA (cosmetics), Sharkwin (fashion), and NAMOTA (automotive). The company is also registered as an official distributor for Hilook, M&G, VIVO, Goneo, EZVIZ, ORICO, HIKVISION, TP.LINK and MINISO brands.

“Since the beginning of our existence, we have worked to provide an efficient and rapid business model and improve supply chain management performance for technology equipment manufacturers. Suppliers do not need to add their own marketing and sales teams,” said Xu Long Hua in Jakarta.

Xu Long Hua also added that suppliers only need to upload to Wook, and all products can be known and purchased by all stores in Indonesia. Not only that, all the offered products also have a level of security that is maintained.

Up to now, Wook is supported by 3 main pillars which are the professional R&D team, advanced technology and machines to ensure the best service and a strong sales team. In addition, Wook also provides more efficient Internet-based services.

With changes in consumer behavior today where digital customer experience plays an important role in business growth, Xu Long Hua also believes that PT Wook Global Technology’s business solutions will support its partners’ businesses more sustainably.

Meanwhile, consumers will have an easier, more efficient and safer experience in dealing with the goods they want to purchase. PT Wook Global Technology also ensures that innovation continues in terms of products that respond to people’s lifestyles today.

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