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Jakarta, – It is important that you know how to transfer BRI to Dana. Today, the digital age makes it easier for you in everything, especially financial services.

How to convert BRI to Funds can be helpful to make it easier for you. As an Indonesian e-wallet service provider, DANA is also equipped with non-cash and non-bank digital transaction services.

In addition, there are many advantages that its users can enjoy. Some are in the form of attractive promotions and free credit withdrawal fees for every 10 transactions you know.

In addition to this, users can also pay for various types of transactions such as electricity, water, internet bills and credit purchases.

Like digital wallets in general, users have to top up their balance which can be done through several methods, one of which is offline or online services through BRI.

For more details, let’s take a look at the full review that can be your guide. Listen yes.

Learn about the DANA digital wallet

According to the official website, DANA is an Indonesian digital wallet designed to carry out all cashless and non-bank transactions digitally, both online and offline, quickly, practically and with guaranteed security.

Indonesia’s top talent continues to develop DANA as an open-platform, ready-to-use digital wallet to support every economic activity and digital lifestyle for all people in Indonesia.

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With DANA, people can become more productive, efficient, and efficient. DANA can also be improved to support the government’s commitment to saving the cost of producing and distributing material funds, as well as increasing financial literacy and inclusion of the Indonesian people.

How to transfer BRI to Dana

How to convert BRI to DANA via ATM

The way to fill in the first DANA balance is through BRI services, that is, through an ATM. This method is one of the most used options for sending credits to a DANA account.

Before transferring a balance from a BRI ATM device to a DANA account, it is best to register the virtual number the account first. This is to facilitate the transfer process. Here are the ways to convert BRI to DANA via ATM:

  1. Visit the nearest BRI ATM
  2. Insert your ATM card and select the desired language.
  3. Enter your BRI ATM card PIN.
  4. Select ‘More List’ and continue by selecting ‘Payments/Purchases’.
  5. Select “Other Payments” and click on “BRIVA”.
  6. Enter the default DANA code that was set up earlier.
  7. Enter the transfer amount as needed.
  8. After that, the payment information will appear. If the data and nominal that appear are identical, click Yes.
  9. he did.

How to transfer BRI to DANA via BRImo

Then the alternative is to fill in the DANA balance with the second BRI service that you can try, that is, through BRImo.

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Quoting from the official website, Primo It is a digital financial application developed by BRI. This internet data based app is equipped with facial recognition login feature for payment using QR code.

The method of transferring BRI to DANA via BRImo can be practiced through the following steps, including:

  1. Open the BRImo app.
  2. Click “BRIVA”.
  3. Specify the source of the DANA account number “New Privat Number”.
  4. Enter the BRIVA code according to the mobile number registered in the DANA app and click Continue.
  5. Enter the nominal balance to be sent.
  6. Wait a few moments for the information for filling in the DANA balance through BRI appears.
  7. he did.

How to convert BRI to DANA via Online Banking

The next BRI online service that can be used to top up DANA balances is Internet Banking.

This method is no less practical than the previous two. Here are the full steps:

  1. to open through the browser.
  2. Log in with your BRI Online Banking User ID and Password.
  3. Go to the “Payment” menu.
  4. Select ‘BRIVA’ and fill in ‘Payment Code’ with the BRIVA number in the column provided. Save by clicking OK.
  5. Enter the nominal balance that will be sent to the DANA account as needed, continue by clicking Submit.
  6. Enter your BRI Internet Banking password and click Submit.
  7. Wait a few moments for the information to successfully fill out your FUND balance through BRI appears.
  8. he did.

This is the complete way to convert BRI to DANA via ATM, BRImo and Online Banking.

You can use this step as a guide to ease financial problems. I hope this note helps.

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