Types of small capital investments that bring money, let’s take a look!

Jakarta, Duniafintech.com – investment Small capital is everyone’s dream. Today, there are many investment tools on offer.

Starting from small to large investments. Investing can be an attractive passive income if you are diligent and consistent in managing it.

In addition, investing also does not take time. You can do this anywhere. In investing the most important capital is goodwill and knowledge.

Here is a review of a small capital investment you can make to bring in money. Good luck and God bless you.

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Understand what is investing

Basically, investment is one of the strategic factors in economic activity. Investing can also be said as an investment effort.

Thus, the concept of investment is the activity of investing money or capital (value assets) for the purpose of obtaining maximum profit.

The party or person making the investment is usually called the investor. Investors, according to Neila Ferdowsi Nozola and Verina Nurelli in Fundamentals of Investment Management, can be interpreted as parties making investments, by buying financial assets and anticipating a price increase when they want to sell the assets at a later time.

Experts also define what an investment is. According to Riley and Brown, investment means the willingness of a person to set aside money of a certain value at present with the aim of gaining acceptance at a later time.

While Dornbusch defines investment as an outlay to increase/maintain components of capital goods.

Bodie, Kane and Marcus define investing as the willingness of a person to allocate valuable money or resources at this time and hold them for a specific period of time until later he or she gets a profit or profit.

Types of small capital investments that make money

Here are small capital investments that can be profitable for you, including:

1. Small capital investment in the real estate sector

Real estate can be a long-term investment option that will give you profits in the future. Choosing the right property will give you long-term benefits to help you build assets with the benefits of passive income.

When choosing a property, you should choose a property with promising prospects in the future such as the possibility of crowds or businesses that will appear so that the rental prices can increase so that the prices of your property will also rise.

Ownership is one of the investment vehicles today that can be accessed with a capital of $1 million through real estate crowdfunding that gives you the opportunity to join a joint venture to build a property that can give you long-term benefits.

small capital investment

2. Small capital investment in agribusiness

Our country, Indonesia, has huge agricultural potential in the future. Investing through agriculture can be the right choice and can provide significant benefits in the future.

If you do not have the ability to directly manage your farm, you can invest through crowdfunding which gives you the opportunity to build a joint agricultural venture with promising profit potential.

3. Gold

Saving money in gold is one of the investments you can make to keep your money from being eroded by inflation and falling prices. In addition, gold can also increase in value from year to year so that it will bring you profits.

It is now easier to get access to investing in gold because there is a platform that provides access to buy gold online so that your investments in gold can be done more easily.

4. Small capital investment in stocks

Stocks are a profitable investment vehicle for your future because stocks can give you benefits in the form of dividends and capital gains so that they can help you acquire profitable assets for the future.

To be safer, you can start with stocks of premium companies whose prices tend to be stable to reduce the risk of losses that may arise in the future. Now access to the stock exchange has become easier due to the development of technology and information. Because there is no longer any reason why you should not invest.

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4. Investment Funds

Mutual funds are also a suitable investment for those who do not have the time and ability to manage your investment assets because the money you have will be managed by an investment manager.

This system makes your investment easier and less risky because the investment will be handled by parties who already have experience in managing investments in order to provide optimum benefits.

The access to mutual funds is now easier for you because there are many online investment platforms that provide mutual funds for your profitable investment assets.

5. Bonds

Bonds or debentures are a type of instrument with long-term profit potential. Bonds will give you dividends in the form of interest or bond coupons at the end of the bond term.

Another advantage of this tool is the ease of reselling it on the secondary market so that it can be liquidated if necessary. Bonds are low-risk investments that can give you a profit in the future.

6. Deposit

Term deposits are instruments with different investment periods so that they can be an option for long-term or short-term investments. The longer the period, the greater the interest offer on deposits.

This deposit has very little risk, so it is suitable for beginners who want to start developing long-term financial plans. However, this small risk is also accompanied by the possibility of making profits that are arguably not very large. Because you should not forget the concept of “high risk and return on investment”.

7. P2P Lending

This is an internet based system which has the ability to give you an advantage by lending your money to parties who need funds and you will benefit in the form of interest on loans.

The lending concept of peer-to-peer lending gives you an opportunity to invest with a small capital because the financing will be collected from different investors in a very wide range.

8. Equity Financing

Crowdfunding through equity is a type of financing for equity-based companies that will give you long-term profits. Investing through equity crowdfunding gives you an ownership stake in a business you funded.

Through this system, you will get an ownership interest so that you will be entitled to dividends in the form of dividends when the business is profitable and capital gains due to the potential increase in the share price of the company you own.

9. Profitable Small Capital Investment: Crypto Asset Investing

The next profitable small capital investment is investing in crypto assets. This investment tool is a favorite of the global community.

Crypto, like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, is a profitable option with a large profit. This can be an option to increase passive income.

Cryptocurrency or crypto is a digital currency secured and supervised by Cryptography, a system that protects data from security threats such as hackers.

With impenetrable protection, it is extremely difficult to tamper with these virtual assets. Unlike traditional currency, it has no physical form at all. In addition, you can only use this currency as a transaction tool in the online market and as an investment tool.

Even though it is only ‘legally’ used as a transaction tool in cyberspace, you can still exchange cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies like rupees, yen, dollars, etc.

But the most important thing in investing in cryptocurrency is the right exchange of cryptocurrency. in Indonesia, Endodex Being one of the leading platforms with a variety of interesting services, in addition, it is also suitable for beginners. in Cryptocurrency exchange platforms With this, you can start investing with a capital of only Rs 10,000.

This is the type of profitable small capital investment. We hope this information is useful.

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