Tower of Fantasy releases funny commercial for the Philippines

fantasy tower It is a rising nickname among Gacha social communication. To take things a step further, they launched an amazing commercial, specially for the people in philippines. This announcement seems to have got a huge audience among gamers who have already played gacha games as well as people who are looking forward to a good gacha title to spend some time in.

Commercial Fantasy Tower showcases the different ways players can use their in-game weapons

The ad shows a man who was using a file Toothbrush For everything, whether it’s brushing, brushing, or flipping food. However, one thing cannot be used in every scenario. This is what the Tower of Imagination wants to say.

The game features multiple weapons with variable stats, making each one better than the others in specific situations. And with multiple weapons in play to kill enemies with the added grace of playing with friends, the game becomes even more interesting.

Fantasy Tower SSR Relic Giant Arm Cover
The image across the infinite level

Don’t make the mistake of using the same weapon in every situation and make sure you pick the right one during your fight to inflict maximum damage on the enemies. However, the ad ends with a scene of someone using a spoon in activities they weren’t intended for, which explains the large number of players using their best weapon in every situation. However, this works in every situation but deviates from the purpose of the game, which is to make it more fun. That’s all about this exciting fantasy tower ad.

What do you think of the commercial fantasy tower in the Philippines? Let us know in the comments below!

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