Tower of Fantasy players are annoyed by the poor user experience and buggy interface

Recently, a rise in fantasy tower Criticisms of players have been criticized for various game problems. One of the complaints that many players would agree with is Bad UX Design for Fantasy Tower. Since the user experience is directly related to how good the game is for the player, it has become a big problem for new players to maintain their interest in this game. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the problems that have been around.

Fantasy tower lacks proper user experience

The first notable complaint that came up was the lack of proper instructions when introducing new things into the game. Recently, the version 1.5 update of the game was released, which has a lot of new features.

But players are having a hard time finding how to do the right thing due to the lack of proper instructions. The game’s aiming system is also rated poorly because many players have a hard time aiming accurately at enemies. No indication of debuff condition was also a point of complaint for many players.

Incorrect translations and typos are also behind poor UX

Another major complaint is the lack of proper translation. It is true that the game has a lot of spelling errors and translation issues. Often the in-game dialogues don’t make sense in the conversation or there is a misspelling that often ends up expressing a different meaning than it was supposed to.

Most complaints come from a personal conversation regarding frig, who uses the sentence “….so?” Part of the conversation is illogical and obviously inappropriate. Not only that, the general conversations in simulacra don’t end up making sense in the conversation as many players are often left with a sense of emptiness because they cannot understand the conversation properly.

Server merge in Tower of Fantasy
The image across the infinite level

Translation issues and errors are not limited to in-game dialogues only. Various texts in the game were also found to be grammatically incorrect. Although this is not a major complaint because many players manage to understand what the script wants to express. Shocking things players complain about include grammatical errors and typos in translation even in event announcements and news from the developers of Tower of Fantasy for their game.

Tower of Fantasy players are annoyed by the lack of gamepad support

Another part of gamers complained about the lack of gamepad support. For many players, they have to switch to the keyboard to access the free options that can only be done via the keyboard. Another complaint comes from the fact that there are too many menus in the game, many of which can only be accessed from a specific page.

For example, file The limited order page can be found on only one page. And with so many players, it becomes confusing for many players, even for those who have been playing gacha . games For a long time. Players also file complaints about the build system. According to many players, it takes polishing and tips to help them make things easier.

last thoughts

With so many issues, many players have already said that at this point, game developers don’t listen to players’ opinions and don’t care what players want. He also notes that the servers aren’t quite as populous as they once were, which is a clear sign of why many new players can’t keep up despite their interest.

What are your thoughts on the poor and buggy UX of Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comments below!

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