Tower of Fantasy offers a free SSR relic as compensation

fantasy tower He was a rising star among Gacha social communication. Developed by Hotta Studios and published by infinity level. The game seems to have been well absorbed among the gacha community as it is now well known among the gacha community and also among the people who do not play gacha games. Tower of Fantasy recently released a token of apology for one out of four SSR Relic issues that were in the game that many roamers claimed were affected by the issue.

Generous compensation for Tower of Fantasy players

Fanstasy Tower Compensation
The image across the infinite level

Compensation was issued apologizing for issues related to SSR remnants of one square of four. alternate destiny It is now rewarded to all players who have funnel levels up to 5.5 and got a reward Chapter 13 of Wonder’s Record. Chapter 13 features an option in which players can set their reward.

SSR Fantasy Tower Giant Arm Relic
The image across the infinite level

Although it was previously mentioned that roamers would be able to choose it as a reward. The option of determining the remnants of an alternative fate did not appear among the options. Several players described the move as a testament to how generous the developers are compared to the usual developers, while many others said these implications weren’t too important to be taken care of. This was all about the compensation that the developers of Tower of Fantasy offered as an apology for an in-game issue.

What are your thoughts on compensating the Tower of Fantasy’s SSR remnants for a one out of four square problem? Let us know in the comments below!

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