Top Stock Gainer Today, Check Out Information From Samuel Sekuritas

Jakarta, – Today’s biggest gainer is related to the Composite Stock Price Index which fell deeply in today’s first session.

Quoting reports Tempo.coHere is an analysis from the Samuel Sekuritas team regarding today’s stock movements.

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Today’s Biggest Stock Gainers: What are the Top Stock Gainers?

Again, keep in mind that winning stocks are basically stocks that tend to close at a higher price than the previous open/close price in the stock market.

As for when the stock market index is rising, it is likely that there will be growth in the best stocks from the losers in the market. Gainers can also be interpreted as the price of the issuer that experienced the highest price increase in a single trading day.

Normally, the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) will release a statistical report containing the top 10 daily stock increases on its official page.

Today’s Biggest Stock Gainer

As we mentioned above, the Composite Stock Price Index (JCI) is known to have fallen sharply in the first session today, Wednesday (21/9). JCI closed the session at 7,154.4, down 0.59% from yesterday’s closing number (Tuesday, 20/9), which was 7,196.9.

According to Samuel Sekuritas Indonesia, a number of Asian markets tend to weaken. At the end of the first session of the day, Shanghai witnessed a decline of 0.5%, the Hang Seng fell 1.5%, the Kospi fell 0.9%, and the Nikkei rose 1.1%.

“With the end of the first trading session today, 187 shares rose, while 322 fell, and 170 remained stagnant, with a transaction value of 6.68 trillion rupees, trading frequency of 829,863 times and trading volume of 176.7 million lots,” said the analyst team. Samuel Securities Trading.

Biggest gainer in stocks today

On the other hand, it is known that the shares of the listed coal mining companies of Bakri Group, Bumi Resources (BUMI), were the most traded shares in the first session today, with a trading rate of 35,497 times, overshadowed by SLIS (33,415) and COAL ( 26,787).

Meanwhile, in terms of volume, BUMI shares were the most heavily traded in the first session of the day, with trading volume of 51.2 million lots, followed by BIPI (9.9 million) and Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (6.3 million).

And for the record, only two sectoral indicators succeeded in closing the trading session in the green zone in the first session of the day. The non-cyclical consumer sector index (IDXNONCYC) rose 0.14% and the technology sector index (IDXTECHNO) increased by 0.07%.

The Energy Sector Index (IDXENERGY) became the sectoral index that closed the first session of the day with the deepest decline of 1.55%, followed by the Infrastructure Sector Index (IDXINFRA) by 0.94%, and the Real Estate Sector Index (IDXPROPERT) by 0.93%.

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Top 5 winners

Here is a list of the top 5 gainers in the first session of the day (by profit percentage):

  1. BAPA (25.6% increase to Rs 147 per share)
  2. Coal (increased 20.8% to Rs 498 per share)
  3. KREN (increase by 17.6% to Rs.140 per share)
  4. Frn (14% increase to Rs 57 per share)
  5. SLIS (increase 9.8% to Rs 434 per share)

Top 5 losers

Here are the top 5 losers in the first session of the day (by percentage):

  1. Siraj (down 6.9% to Rs 107 per share)
  2. KRYA (down 6.9% to Rs 322 per share)
  3. PGLI (down 6.9% to Rs 223 per share)
  4. One (down 6.9% to Rs 81 per share)
  5. Fire (down 6.8% to Rs 164 per share)

On the other hand, the American Stock Exchange closed lower on Tuesday, September 20, 2022 yesterday. DJIA shares are down 1.0%, the S&P500 is down 1.1%, and the Nasdaq is down 0.95%.

“Investors are selling in the US stock market ahead of the Federal Reserve interest rate announcement scheduled for Wednesday, September 21, 2022. The market expects a 75 basis point rate hike,” analyst team Samuel Securitas said in a written statement on Wednesday (9/21). ).

Meanwhile, based on economic data, the number of new home constructions (new homes) jumped by 12.2% MoM (MoM) in August. That number is much higher than the Dow Jones estimate, which is up 0.3%.

However, it is known that the number of building permits decreased by 10% per month or much less than expectations, which fell by 4.4%.

There are a lot of reviews about today’s top gainers in stocks that you need to know. It might be useful!

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