Top 10 Google Meet tips and tricks you need to know

Video calls have been a part of corporate life for years, but they really took off during the pandemic. We’ve written about all of the major players, from Zoom and Microsoft Teams to Google Duo and Skype. However, the one communications app we use every day here at Android Central is Google Meet.

There is a ton of great Google Meet content here on the site, from how-to guides to comparisons against those other competing apps and services. Out of all those, we’ve collected the ten best Google Meet tips and tricks that we felt were the most important for making your next team meeting or virtual family get-together a better experience.

Try before you fly with the green room

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Don’t be that person who joins a call only to discover with horror that their microphone and/or speakers aren’t working properly. Instead, save yourself a lot of embarrassment and save your colleagues some aggravation by checking your audio inputs and outputs before you join a call through Google Meet’s virtual green room feature.

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