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Saachi Thunderbolt 4 Dock It offers multiple ports, including three Thunderbolt 4 ports, four USB-A ports, Gigabit Ethernet, a UHS-II card reader, and a 3.5mm audio jack, to increase the versatility of your Mac setup at $299.

Saatchi Thunderbolt 4 main dock review
Thunderbolt allows data to be transferred from all ports via a single cable connected to your host device. While not all Macs have a Thunderbolt 4 port, Thunderbolt 4 is backward compatible, which means that most Mac models since 2016 should work with Satechi’s Thunderbolt 4 Dock, as well as the latest iPad Pro models. The dock comes with a US power adapter and a short Thunderbolt 4 cable. Many competitors still use Thunderbolt 3, so Satechi’s Thunderbolt 4 dock is a great way to get the latest specs.

Contents of Saachi Thunderbolt 4 dock review
The dock has a compact and premium appearance with an elegant aluminum chassis. It has a tapered design, with recesses on both sides containing glossy black plastic with slots for the various ports. Although this is a minor concern, I found it difficult to remove the protective film on the glossy plastic as it is sunken deep inside the case.

Rubber feet on the underside of the curb prevent it from slipping on surfaces and the overall design feels solid and sturdy. The anodized aluminum finish matches closely with Apple’s Space Gray, which is perfect for a consistent setup that offers that color of choice for your Apple device, but I wish Satechi would offer a silver option as well.

Saatchi Thunderbolt 4 Front Dock Review
Thunderbolt 4 Dock is a “plug and play” device, and does not require any additional software or drivers. It features a single Thunderbolt 4 host port that must be connected directly to your Mac or iPad Pro‌. Simply plug the dock into power and connect the Thunderbolt cable from the host device’s Thunderbolt port to a port on your Mac, and you’re ready to go.

In my experience, the dock is the easiest to set up with a single Mac All-in-One like a MacBook Pro or iMac. When you want to use an external monitor, things need to be thought of more carefully. My LG UltraFine Thunderbolt display didn’t seem to work when connected to one of the three non-host Thunderbolt 4 ports, which meant I had to connect any displays I wanted to use directly to my Mac. Satechi claims that the dock supports dual 4K HDMI output up to 60Hz, so I guess this is just an issue with my LG UltraFine display, not a reflection on the Satechi dock.

Saatchi Thunderbolt 4 dock review again
You can connect up to three USB-C devices to the Thunderbolt 4 ports on the dock, with support for 40Gbps data transfer and 15W charging on each port. The three USB-A 3.2 data ports are ideal for fast data transfers and backups at transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps. When I maxed out the ports with devices like external hard drives, some accessories seemed to take a lot of power and give a warning in macOS, but the dock generally seems to handle a lot of hardware very well. The single USB-A charging port can be used to power or charge a device with up to 7.5 watts of power, and there’s also a Gigabit Ethernet port and a UHS-II card reader slot, which seems to work perfectly.

Overall, Satechi’s Thunderbolt 4 Dock provides a great way to simplify cable management, especially for MacBooks, and expand your Mac’s choice of ports in more demanding settings and with a single, fast and reliable connection.

how can I buy

Satechi Thunderbolt 4 Dock is available from Satechi’s website. Note that it only comes with a US power adapter.

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