This Chrome feature on Android lets you lock your Incognito tabs behind a fingerprint

What you need to know

  • Google Chrome on Android has a new feature that can hide your Incognito tabs behind biometric authentication.
  • A fingerprint verification screen shows up after you exit a private session and relaunch the browser.
  • It’s not widely available yet, but Google has quietly added a flag with which you can turn on the feature.

Google Chrome’s Incognito feature is a perfect tool to keep your browsing history and cookies safe, but it can still be viewed by anyone who has access to your device. A new feature for Chrome on Android is here to address this privacy concern.

A new flag is now available in the latest stable version of Chrome, allowing you to protect your Incognito tabs with biometric authentication. As discovered by 9to5Google (opens in new tab), the new privacy feature locks your private browsing session behind fingerprint security.

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