The Great Journey ran a promo for the first time for its global launch

NGELGAMES Trailer offered for Tower of God Mobile: The Great Journey during GameSpot Swipe. It’s a mobile idle anime RPG Based on the well-known webtoon of the same name. The original Tower of God story has received over 6 billion views on Webtoon, adapted as Crunchyroll’s original animated series, and with the introduction of a Korean mobile game, it has topped the popular game rankings across Google Play and the App Store. This winter will see the game’s global release, with pre-registration starting in October 2022.

The new trailer showcases exciting features of Tower of God Mobile: The Great Journey

God's Tower The Great Journey

Tower of God M: The Great Journey creates a wonderful recreation of the original story and emotions through high-quality artwork and animation. The new trailer reveals:

  • Amazing battle system and powerful skills
  • Beautiful animation depicting the wonderful story of the original webtoon
  • Unique skill system and fighting style based on character relationships

GameSpot is an American video game website and community launched in 1996. GameSpot Swipe is the company’s first-ever mobile game show that highlights the latest and greatest games for iOS and Android devices.

NGELGAMES is a leading developer and publisher in the Korean game industry with mobile games such as Lord of Dice, Hero Kantare and Tower of God. With the achievement of the most popular RPG in North America, the company is expanding its presence in the global gaming market. Pre-register in October for the global launch of Tower of God M: The Great Journey, the idle anime RPG based on the popular Webtoon series with over 6 billion views.

Additional information about Tower of God Mobile: The Great Journey can be found at Official Website.

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