The content in the crab shells, can be batteries!

The content in the crab shells, can be batteries Unexpectedly, the things we eat or even throw away contain important ingredients as an alternative to traditional batteries, namely crab shells.

for reasons Produce the battery In today’s era it is still harmful to the environmentScientists are trying to find alternatives to traditional batteries that can be used as energy to drive electric cars to electronic devices.

One of them is the findings by the University of Maryland and the University of Houston, the content in crab shells as a potential alternative to traditional battery materials, called electrified.

The main energy source for the future


In the future, batteries will be the main source of energy to drive electric cars to solar panels for electricity distribution, thus having environmentally friendly battery components is essential in the future era.

This is based on the current battery production process that continues to harm the environment by polluting the soil lithium substance.

The director of the Center for the Study of Raw Material Innovation at the University of Maryland said that every year there will be an increase in the number of battery production and consumption globally, and if they continue with the old manufacturing method, they will have a serious impact on the environment.

No need for additional chemicals

Away from concerns about environmental pollution, the research team found the content of the crab shell in the form of an electrolyte gel made from chitosan.

The electrolyte components of the latest batteries are still difficult to recycle, so the chitosan in crab shells is claimed to have no problems as above.

In fact, not nearly all of the materials in batteries with the chitosan electrolyte use chemicals that are difficult to recycle.

To prevent further damage to the environment, innovations such as those that have been implemented University of Maryland and University of Houston This is very necessary to maintain a stable environment but still produce a battery at maximum capacity.

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