The confiscated caller’s phone has been “broken” using this tool. (Internet users): The parents are very sorry

Another internet user said: “Buy cell phones, don’t use leaves, sir.”

The confiscated cell phones were crushed with the virus using special tools. (tik tok /ffffachry) – Smartphones or smartphones are one of the needs of people in the era of information disclosure. A group of confiscated cell phones that have been “hacked” with this special tool have made the netizens feel annoyed.

A TikTok user with an account named ffffachry shared moments of excitement for the students. We can see rows of HP grouped somewhere. Apparently it was a student cell phone confiscated.

The confiscated mobile phone is auctioned off (nope). The confiscated cell phones were crushed by a concrete wire cutter (yeah)ffffachry wrote. The shared video post went viral after being viewed over 7 million times and garnered 409K likes.

The students looked as if they were surrounded by confiscated cell phones. There is a concrete wire cutter and hammer in the middle. Some cell phones were “smashed” by a concrete wire cutter until they broke and smoke emanated.

Absentees who stayed and had their cell phones confiscated raise their hands,ffffachry said. The video post may have been recorded in an Islamic boarding school environment.

The confiscated cell phones were crushed with the virus using special tools.  (tik tok /ffffachry)
The confiscated cell phones were crushed with the virus using special tools. (tik tok /ffffachry)

Netizens immediately highlighted the students’ or students’ facial expressions in the video. One of the officials, undiluted, seemed to put more than three HP on a special tool.

They turn on the lever and start “cracking” the HP until it breaks. Thousands of Internet users feel sorry for the parents or guardians of students. And they considered that the phone was bought at a price that is not cheap. Viral video download received various comments from Internet users.

Yesterday’s turn came to study at home to be defended to buy a mobile phone to do errands, and now it’s damaged@pe**ng**rah said.

Buy HP without leaves, sir (crying expression)Reply @g**vi*na.

HP is expensive sir not like the price of candy@co*h**e commented.

Parents are very sorry. I’m tired of looking for money to buy a mobile phone, eh, it’s been smashed‘ said @I**e.

They can be confiscated for a week or a month and do not need to be damaged. This Majapahit era teacher,wrote @m**asb. This was a viral video of a confiscated cell phone that was squashed with a special tool, what do you think?

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