The best legitimate loans…here are the recommendations!

Jakarta, – Online loans, also known as Sharia-based loans, are one of the best solutions in difficult situations.

Sometimes, when you need quick money, borrowing is the best option. This is due to the fact that the exchange procedure is faster and more intense, unlike the loan scheme of the bank.

Sharia-based online loans are the best option because they implement a system that is compliant with Islamic rulings, one of which is contract.

Surely this best Pinjol is very suitable for the needs of Indonesian people, most of whom are Muslims.

Here is a review of the best Islamic loans online. These services can be used for immediate needs as well as daily needs.

What is Shariah compliant credit?

Banking products are divided into two main groups, the traditional system and the Sharia system. Sharia-compliant loans are loans or loans made by financial institutions with a transaction system based on the provisions of Islamic Sharia.

In this Sharia system, all financial activities from contracts to fees are adjusted according to the principles of Islamic Sharia.

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The biggest difference between conventional and Islamic loans lies in the reward system. In the traditional system, fees are paid using interest. Whereas in the Sharia system, service charges use the principle of percentage or profit-sharing as per the contract at the outset.

Islamic lending is currently considered one of the best alternative banking products other than conventional loans. Although this Islamic financial product has been around for a long time, there are still many people who are not familiar with the Shariah compliant loan system.

Best Pinjole

newly, OJK (The Financial Services Authority) has released a list containing the names of online loan websites that have been officially or legally announced. Some of the best lending websites are based on Islamic law, which are:

1. Best Credits: Investree

This website owned by PT Investree Radhika Jaya provides online loan services, both legal and illegal. There are two types of Islamic loan products on offer, namely invoice financing and online seller financing.

Sharia-compliant invoice financing product is intended for financing businesses on the basis of Islamic Sharia. Meanwhile, Sharia-compliant online seller financing is specifically for online companies operating on the market platform of Investree Partners.

2. Best Pinjol: Natural

Similar to Investree’s services, ALAMI also offers Sharia-based bill financing products for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The requirement is that the SME sector (it can be in the form of a CV or PT) is halal and has been operating for at least one year.

3. Oman a

This site specifically provides loans for Hajj purposes with a repayment or repayment period of three years.

The platform definitely operates according to Islamic Sharia law.

4. Legitimate funds

So far, Dana Syariah’s online loan site has only focused on financing or offering special loans for real estate needs.

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This service also applies the Shariah system in the financing system.

5. sacrifice Sharia

This loan site is suitable for those who love to shop online. In addition, you can also use it to perform Umrah or halal travel. Great isn’t it?

6. Best Pinjol: Ethis

This site provides loans for the needs of various development projects, for example housing, infrastructure or small and medium businesses. Ethis applies agency and partnership contracts and agency for a fee in managing its business.

7. Papitupi Sharia

This site owned by PT Piranti Alphabet Perkasa provides for employees who have worked in partner companies for at least two years. The maximum offered is IDR 50 million with a maximum term of 36 months.

It is very important that you choose an official online loan site that is registered to reduce the risk of being subjected to fraud in the financial service.

So, here is a variety of the best Sharia-based loan recommendations. But it is worth noting that if you borrow money either directly or through online loan services, instill in yourself that you are obligated to pay these obligations and complete them by going up. I hope this information is useful and helps you.

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Author: Contributor / Shuhada Banji A

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