The 8 greatest first-person shooters I’ve played throughout my gaming career

The best first-person shooters offer exhilarating escapism that puts awesomeness at the forefront. Getting caught in intense gunfights, balancing every last piece of ammunition, skillfully running or jumping around the arena as an onslaught of bullets rush towards you, and precisely popping the heads of every demon or monster you’re facing off against is the textbook definition of a good time.

But of course, not all first-person shooters need to follow the “shoot first” formula. Some are submerged in expansive RPG mechanics, others immerse the player in a slew of choices that allow them to define how they approach every situation, and very rarely, they can make thoughtful political statements. There are also those days when you just want the satisfaction of battling other players in palpitating PvP action.

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