Telkomsel Holds NextDev 2022, Opens Up Opportunities to Launch the Game

In 2022, Telkomsel is once again introducing the NextDev Incubation Program with a big theme #SustainBeyondExpectation. This program aims to strengthen the fundamentals of Indonesian digital startups to be able to develop sustainably.

Not only by helping to increase knowledge, NextDev 2022 also challenges the country’s digital startups to improve skills through the use of advanced digital technology. This year is the eighth of NextDev held by Telkomsel.

The start of Telkomsel’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative program was marked by the implementation of the NextDev 2022 kick-off activity with the theme “Sustainability Beyond Expectations”. Telkomsel also introduced several twists at this year’s NextDev event.

These changes include concepts and focus on impact. This initiative has been implemented by Telkomsel to ensure that NextDev is suited to the needs of the country’s newest digital startups to be able to have a solid foundation in their development and sustainability.

As Telkomsel Vice President of Corporate Communications Saki Hamsat Pramono explained that since its introduction in 2015, NextDev has cemented its position as Telkomsel’s leading CSR program to help develop early stage startups in Indonesia.

“NextDev is Telkomsel’s effort to help startups in the country increase their capabilities, competencies and potential in the digital sector. To reinforce this commitment, we continue to conduct continuous assessments to provide appropriate support to the needs of the latest startups,” said Sacchi.

Sacchi added that one of the transformations Telkomsel has made has been this year’s change of NextDev’s focus to overhaul the startup’s fundamentals, that is, by increasing knowledge and experience in running a digital business that is appropriate and adaptable to change.

NextDev 2022 is now designed more as an enabler for early stage digital startups in Indonesia to have strong fundamentals and growth, as well as a starting gateway among Telkomsel’s sustainable digital startup ecosystem.

yes! Regarding the digital startup industry, Sacchi said Telkomsel has Tinc as its startup development platform (accelerator). There is also Telkomsel Mitra Innovation (TMI) which supports startup stability through strategic investments and long-term collaborations.

INDICO is not to be missed as a subsidiary of Telkomsel which is a holding company for digital innovation generators that will help measurable business growth by maximizing value creation in product development, business incubation and strategic investment.

Hadi Sucipto, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility Education and General Community Development at Telkomsel also mentioned that the entire series of NextDev 2022 programs held by Telkomsel consist of NextDev Talent Scouting, NextDev Academy and NextDev Summit.

“This year, NextDev is opening up opportunities for digital startups in a new sector, namely the gaming and gaming platform. However, we are also opening up other opportunities for startups in the sectors of health, education, tourism, creative economy and green and clean technology.”

Currently! For digital startups across the country interested in this program, registration for NextDev 2022 #SustainBeyondExpectation is open until November 10, 2022. In addition, participants can also register via the website

“As part of Telkomsel’s social contribution to unlocking opportunities for digital entrepreneurs in the country, we hope that the NextDev 2022 program will continue to encourage Telkomsel’s role in promoting and developing a sustainable digital ecosystem in the country,” concluded Saki.

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