Telegram Premium users can now react to messages with an infinite list of emoji

What you need to know

  • Telegram has added a handful of new capabilities for Premium users in a new update.
  • The new update brings infinite emoji reactions, emoji statuses, and themed icons on Android 13.
  • Improved animations for opening and closing media, as well as refreshed username links and improved login flow, are also in tow.

Telegram Premium users have been treated to extra perks since the service’s paid tier launched, and the latest update is no exception. If you have a paid Telegram subscription, you will now have access to an infinite number of reactions and emoji statuses.

The service’s newest update (opens in new tab) gives paid users an endless selection of emoji to choose from when reacting to a message. The change means the reaction panel gets a minor makeover to accommodate the infinite catalog of emoji reactions. Telegram also allows you to attach up to three reactions per message.

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