Tears of Themis makes a wish in the light event, check the excitement

In this limited series of events, players can also participate in Vyn’s “Christmas Preparation” event.

Tears of Themis – the fetters of the past. (HoYoverse)

hitekno.com – HoYoverse has officially announced the arrival of the A Wish in the Light event to Tears of Themis. What does the new event offer for the romance-filled detective game Tears of Themis?

It has been announced that HoYoverse will begin the A Wish in the Light event at Tears of Themis in September 2022.

Celebrate Finn’s birthday and wish him warm. During the event period, there will be a limited restart of Christmas SSR cards, R cards, and invitations.

Players can also get exclusive gifts like birthday outfits, birthday backgrounds, event badges, R cards, and many other prizes.

The main story of Tears of Themis takes place in the fictional city of Stellis, players begin a legal career as a budding lawyer, solving cases and problems through investigations and discussions.

When the hidden darkness is finally revealed, the evil forces that threaten justice and order slowly begin to emerge.

Four male protagonists of different characters, also known as members of the NXX Investigative Team, will provide support and assistance throughout this journey. Relationships develop by creating mutual trust and close cooperation.

Tears of Themis - the fetters of the past.  (HoYoverse)
Tears of Themis – the fetters of the past. (HoYoverse)

This promo for Vyn’s birthday will feature part of the SSR story “Fetters of the Past” – the murder 12 years ago of Count Adele, a lonely young man in the hall…

It’s all part of Finn’s mysterious past that always hides behind that warm smile. In this story, players will slowly open Finn’s heart. Earn a Vyn SSR “Fetters of the Past” in this limited event!

In this limited series of events, players can also participate in a “Christmas Preparation” event for Vyn, one of the four male heroes and a member of the NXX. Players can prepare a sweet surprise and celebrate this unforgettable day with him.

After the limited Christmas event “A Wish in the Light” begins, players will receive a Wish List by completing action levels and can go to Travel Wish locations matching the wish list.

Participate in limited events and complete missions to earn R Vyn “Falling” cards, Tears of Themis, and other rewards. If players complete all travel wishes before the event ends, players will also receive various exclusive prizes such as “Vyn’s Birthday Outfit – In the Light”, “Vyn’s Bedroom Background”, “Wish in the Light” exclusive badge and other prizes!

The anniversary series “Reciprocal Hearts” will also be available during this period. There will be limited replays and rates for the Vyn’s SSR “A Star in the Night” birthday card, and players can redeem a Vyn’s Birthday R “Dressed Up” card.

In addition, the invitation “Autumn Light” can be purchased at a price promo Limited to malls – limited time. Never miss a chance to remember precious moments with Vyn.

Don’t miss the exciting event that HoYoverse brings to the romantic detective game Tears of Themis.

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