Tears of Themis has announced a limited-time event titled ‘Wish in the Light’ that will be released in September

Romance detective game Tears of Themis An all-new event called “A Wish in the Light” will be launched in September, according to a recent announcement from the international interactive entertainment company. huyvers. With him, celebrate Vyn’s birthday and make a wish in the warm glow of love. The SSR Card, R Card, and Invitational from Vyn’s previous birthday event will also be available briefly during the event. The Christmas event offers players the chance to win special gifts like a limited-edition Christmas outfit, background, commemorative badge, R card, and other bountiful rewards.

Lawyers can travel to the corresponding location for each travel listed on their Tears of Themis wish list

Part of the tale of Vyn SSR Fetters of the Past is revealed in PV on his birthday: the murder of Count Adele twelve years ago, the only young man in the side hall. All of these are aspects of his mysterious background. Disturbing memories covered in a friendly smile. Players will gradually convince Vyn to reveal his heart in this novel. This one-time event will allow you to purchase Vyn SSR Fetters of the Past!

Players can participate in the birthday celebration of Vyn, one of the four male characters and a member of the NXX, during this short-lived series of events by putting together a sweet surprise and joining him in honoring this important occasion.

Themis tears a wish in the light
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Lawyers can fill each travel wish in the Wish List by traveling to the specified destination by receiving the wish note by successfully completing the work levels after the start of the limited time A Wish in the Light Christmas event. There will also be timed assignments for birthdays.

To get rewards like the Vyn R Falling Card, Tears of Themis, and other rewards, participate in limited-time events and complete limited-time missions. Lawyers can receive a variety of rare Christmas gifts, including a Vyn – In the Light outfit, a Vyn’s Bedroom backdrop, a Wish in the Light event commemorative badge, and other restricted goodies, upon completing all travel wishes during the duration of the event.

A reboot of the Reciprocal Hearts Birthday series will also be available at this event

There will also be a recurrence of the Reciprocal Hearts Birthday series during this time. Players can redeem Vyn’s Birthday R Dressed Up for a brief period of time, and the SSR A Star in the Night birthday event will have a limited-time replay and rate. In addition, Mall – Time-Limited will also be selling an Autumn Light Invitational.

Are you excited to be a part of security in the light Events in Tears of Themis this is September? Let us know at comments!

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