SuperPlanet begins pre-registration for a new idle RPG title

Pre-registration period for Super Planet latest idle address, Milstar Raiders, started. in this idleness RPG, a group of commoners set out on an adventure to save the planet. Players take on the role of the captain, and their main objective is to finish the stages while helping the villagers become stronger and defeat the Devildom.

Milistar Raiders features a co-growth system of captains and heroes

Milstar Raiders Rapid Growth
Image via Super Planet

The player assumes that Captain’s role In Milistar Raiders, his goal is Collect 13 villagers and turn them into awesome heroes. The unique feature of this game is another system that requires boosting the captain (player) as well as the heroes. The heroes will be greatly affected by the evolution of the captain as well. Experience this growing system of captains and heroes to take advantage of “hyper-inflationary” growth.

Enjoy unique art style, game modes and various dad jokes

In, each character’s skill name exactly matches her character! For example, a grandmother’s main talent is Tastes just like Grandma When showing her friendly demeanor. In addition, Millistar’s distinctive characters and art style entice and entice players to take their adventures to new heights. Check it out, especially since it’s fun to see how the characters’ names and costumes evolve as they mature.

Unexpectedly, there are two game modes available for this indie title: natural views And the painting. For the captain’s convenience, the game not only works with a variety of devices, but also recognizes the player’s style-specific movements and spins freely. Players can play in landscape mode so they can see the amazing skills of the invaders. Millistar Raiders pre-registration is available at Android And the iOS.

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