SuperGaming partners with Google Cloud to empower game developers with SuperPlatform

SuperGamingwhich is a top-notch Indian game developer Google Cloud In order to cooperate to provide super platforms. SuperPlatform will be a world-class live-action engine for other game creators. Utilizing the tried and true cloud infrastructure that currently drives all SuperGaming initiatives will enable game creators to create better games. This includes the multiplayer shooter MaskGunwhich has more than 65 million players, and the game pac man, which has achieved more than 1 billion downloads across all storefronts.

Game developers will be able to manage live operations, matchmaking, player development, player data, analytics, monetization systems, server scaling, sales and merchandising thanks to the Google Cloud platform based on SuperPlatform. In addition, it includes well-known platforms for creating games.

SuperPlatform will enable game developers to manage most of the processes

With the secure, scalable and sustainable infrastructure of Google Cloud, SuperPlatform can be widely accessed by more game creators. SuperPlatform is SaaS (Software as a Service) It will be an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) running on Google Cloud.

“Games is one of the main areas of focus for Google Cloud. According to Bikram Singh Bedi, General Manager, Google Cloud India, “We have expanded our global efforts in this area and are pleased with the response we are getting from the market.” Super platform-like innovations are welcome additions to an ever-changing ecosystem. We can influence, innovate and see more games come out of India with the help of Google Cloud infrastructure, which enables developers to build on the scale and history of SuperGaming in the gaming industry.”

According to Navneet Singh Waraich, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of SuperGaming,

“A lot of our initial friction has been mitigated by working closely with Google Cloud developers and SDKs.” “Choice and flexibility to move our full format as needed for cost effectiveness without compromising front-end game client or server integration is important to us and our SuperPlatform customers. This has been a huge benefit of building our existing stack on Google Cloud.”

along this, Google Cloud It will also support upcoming SuperGaming games including Indo-Futuristic battle royaleAnd the IndusAnd the The Tower of Conquest Metaverse edition.

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