Square Enix partners with Oasys as an auditor for its blockchain system

Japanese video game developer and publisher Square Enix partnered with Oasis. Oasys is a well known company for it EVM and Proof of Stake (PoS) compliant Based on an eco-friendly blockchain. The collaboration with Oasys makes Square Enix the last of the 21 primary validators. big fish like SegaAnd the UbisoftAnd the netmarbleAnd the ManufactureAnd the Com2uS, etc. It is already in the validator list. Through the partnership, the two companies will bring decentralized games where users will take on vital roles in the Oasi blockchain.

The partnership will help Oasys accelerate the collective mission of both companies to bring blockchain gaming to the masses. Daiki Moriyama, Director of Oasys said, “Through our partnership, we will truly be able to offer new experiences and empower game fans of all backgrounds while helping to create the next stage of growth for blockchain entertainment.”

Decentralization of games will allow players to have superior authority over developers

Concept “Web3” Games are a revolutionary idea in gaming industry. Players will be able to own any in-game items and use them to earn more digital coins or other types of earnings. The authoritative authority of IP owners will vanish if the industry advances the idea of ​​a new generation of Web3, decentralizing gaming. This is where Square Enix will focus.

Square Enix has partnered with Oasys
Image via Square Enix

Yosuke Saito, Director of Entertainment at Square Enix Blockchain said, “Our shared passion for Web3 games makes this an exciting partnership and we look forward to gaining insights that can advance the creation of entirely new gaming experiences for gamers around the world.”

Square Enix has many famous nicknames in its bag including Final FantasyAnd the Dragon AdventureAnd the Kingdom Hearts. The company decided to takefull commercial“Moving towards the blockchain The market is in 2022. On the other hand, Oasys is focusing on creating an ecosystem for blockchain games. As the company claims, the involvement of the community, AAA game developers, and the blockchain made by Oasys will provide the best user experience along with the experience of fast transactions and free gas fees for users.

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