So the key to victory against Bigetron Alpha, this is the builder version of Akai ONIC Kairi’s hero

Especially for you, here are the building items for the ONIC Kairi hero Akai version.

Build a copy of the hero item Akai copy of the ONIC Kairi. (instagram / onic.esports) – ONIC showed a great match in the match against Bigetron Alpha last week 4 MPL Season 10. After the great game from Kairi, here are the building items for the ONIC jungler version of Akai hero.

Kairi showed a nice match in match two when he faced Bigetron Alpha. At that time he used the hero Akai who became one of his heroic powers.

Kairi and Akai collect an impressive total of kills, and deliver a total of 8 passes in each given war. In fulfilling his duties as a forest ranger when using Akai, Kairi becomes one of the threats to Paquito who is used by Maxx.

Especially for you, here are the building items for the ONIC Kairi hero Akai version. If you also use this hero, it is a good idea to try a combination of building items such as Kairi.

1. Warrior shoes

Warrior boots items.  (mobile legends)
Warrior boots items. (mobile legends)

The Warrior Boots item on Akai 5 provides additional physical defense when the hero is under a basic attack from an opponent. As a tank hero who often resists attacks, Akai definitely needs this item.

2. Blade armor

Next, Kairi chose to use the Blade Armor item for the Akai hero he was using. This item is able to return 25 percent of the damage given.

3. Immortal

The next item Kiri chose for Akai was an immortal. With the late match approaching, this item is very useful for reviving the hero after killing him for a few seconds.

4. Guardian helmet

Guardian helmet elements.  (HiTekno)
Guardian helmet elements. (HiTekno)

The Sky Guardian helmet is the right item to attack your opponent. No wonder Kairi has this item for the Akai hero who uses it. This item is able to restore Akai’s health after being drained in a match.

5. Antique Cuirass

Antique Cuirass is the next ingredient used by Kairi’s Akai. The tank needs this item when you are facing an opponent who is the Archery Champion with painful damage.

6. Cursed helmet

The next item that Kairi uses for Akai is The Cursed Helmet. This item gives a burn effect and up to 1.2 percent magical damage to the opponent.

Guaranteed to inflict fatal damage, this was the invention of the Kairi version of the Akai Hero Building Item. With this concoction, are you interested in using Akai?

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