Silver Tower is slated to release the Multiplayer update on September 15, 2022

Warhammer Mission: Silver Tower Set to deliver the big Multiplayer update on Thursday, September 15, 2022. Now players can fight among themselves in this turn-based update strategya dungeon crawler game set in the era of Sigmar by Games Workshop.

Multiplayer update brings new features to Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

Now, players will be able to engage in combat in new specially designed arenas. They win by eliminating competitors or erasing their crystals. Leveling up their heroes in one campaign unlocks multiplayer hero rosters.

Warhammer Quest Silver Tower Multiplayer Arena
Image via Perchang

Each victory is rewarded with a timed multiplayer chest, and then 20 killsA unique bonus is awarded! but that is not all. Developers also introduce scavena group of 3 new heroesto the lineup. These adorable rats are cunning, cunning, and absolutely crazy!

They have abilities that can harm one team as much as the opponent! Players can now properly display their characters in online games thanks to the abundance of new outfits that have been included!

Warhammer Quest Silver Tower NewUI
Image via Perchang

The UI redesign brings everything together. Getting basic information is now easier, and switching and selling weapons is even easier thanks to the developers’ interest in their fan base. Finally, a championship A mechanism is included, to enable players to rate their favorite heroes. So they could now use the weakest of the first rank beginner classes to create a tough team of heroes.

Are you excited about Warhammer Mission: Silver Tower Multiplayer Next update on Thursday 15 September 2022? Let us know in the comment section!

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