Shin Predicted Indonesian Actor Team In The M4 World Championship, Are There More ONIC And RRQ Hoshi?

Shin said RRQ Hoshi and ONIC will be representing Indonesia at the upcoming M4 World Championships.

Royal Derby ONIC vs RRQ. (YouTube / MPL Indonesia) – MPL Season 10 is one of the important Mobile Legends tournaments because it is a free ticket to the M4 World Championship. Seeing the current competition, Shin then revealed his predictions about the Indonesian team that might become represented in the world championship.

In his YouTube live, Shin said that RRQ Hoshi and ONIC will be representing Indonesia at the upcoming M4 World Championship.

However, Shin admits that he is very pessimistic that RRQ Hoshi will face EVOS Legends in the Season 10 playoffs. The reason is that the outcome of the meeting between the two teams is unpredictable.

The reason is that when they meet their eternal rival in the El Clasico match later, both RRQ Hoshi and EVOS Legends can appear stronger or weaker.

I have a feeling again, this M4 World Championship will be RRQ Hoshi and ONIC again guys. But if the stand meets EVOS Legends, this is very dangerous. RRQ Hoshi If you met EVOS Legends, you would know that, right?Shane said.

On the other hand, Shin is quite sure that ONIC can become one of Indonesia’s representatives in the M4 World Championship. According to him, Team Yellow Hedgehog is currently very OP and unbeatable.

Especially now that ONIC has been enhanced by Kairi taking on the role of the jungle replacing Sanz. The performance of the winning team of the eighth season of MPL became even more intimidating until it managed to lead the current standings of the tenth season of the MPL.

We’ll see from the stats, ONIC will definitely enter the Grand Final of Season 10 of the MPL. I swear it really is. When there was no Kairi, it was good, it was good. Keri added, and it got even crazier. Who are the men of the forest? Good jungle tank, good jungle killer. good fans,β€œHe is complete.

Previously, RRQ Hoshi and ONIC represented Indonesia in the last M3 World Championship. Unfortunately, at that time, both teams were unable to return the cup to the country.

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