Shargeek’s Storm 2 is a 100W power bank with a see-through design that is absolutely ridiculous

Portable power banks have an inherently utilitarian design, but what if that wasn’t the case? That is the idea behind the Shargeek Storm 2, a massive 25600mAh power bank with a fully see-through design. Where other brands focus on a thin chassis or port selection, Shargeek turned to the design to differentiate its power bank, and the result is that the Storm 2 looks unlike anything else in this category.

The transparent outer shell does a fantastic job showcasing the ICs and internal hardware, with Shargeek adding just that little bit of a flair with yellow accents mixed throughout the design. It’s just plain cool to see the innards of the power bank as well as the large batteries, and the 25600mAh capacity ensures the Storm 2 can charge all of your devices without breaking a sweat.

(Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

The design by itself makes the Storm 2 stand out against every other power bank, but an added bonus here is the IPS screen. The screen gives you an overview of ports in use, battery charge level, and thermals. This isn’t the first power bank with a built-in screen, but the number of options on offer make it the best by far.

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