Seven Knights September 2, 2022 update brings new playable heroes, PVE content, and events

Global September 2022 mobile update RPG Seven Knights 2 He was released, according to netmarble, a well-known developer and publisher of mobile games. The latest update includes new playable heroes, PvE content, and events.

The September 2022 update introduces two new playable heroes in Seven Knights 2

Kyle (Legendary +), also known as Chains of Revenge, is a new hero with powerful powers who uses Chains as his signature weapon. using file Brand effect, Cale could inflict massive damage on opponents. In addition, after killing an enemy, Cale gains stealth, which reduces the damage dealt. A world-class character called the Architect of Despair Bai Jiao (Legendary)who has the ability to direct the activities of enemies, is also included.

In today’s release, a new PvE activity called Maze of Trials has been added, where the heroes themselves act as opponents to challenge the leader (player). By collecting Maze Shards and Maze Fragments, players can also purchase valuable items such as the Moon Stone.

From From September 14 to September 28Players have the opportunity to participate in in-game events to get additional rewards including:

Maple Craft events: Players can craft legendary weapons + and armor by collecting maple leaves and gold maple leaves dropped from exploring the field.

Maze of Trials Play Rewards: To celebrate the anniversary of the Maze of Trials update, players can earn up to 50% more rewards by simply playing content during the event period.

Daily Mission Enhancement Events: Players who complete daily missions during the event period will receive double rewards.

Additional information about the latest Seven Knights 2 update can be found at Official Website or social media channels.

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