September 2022 Mobile Update (0.9.39) Patch Notes

with this next September 2022 update in New State Mobileand developers in Crafton Introduced major additions to the game, which consist of new map From Akinta You are new weapons From AK Alpha. A new weapon customization has been added, along with other firearms updates for the weapons in the game. In addition, the developers have taken care to introduce new updates in and out of the game, along with a completely new collaboration with McLaren. Let’s break down New State Mobile’s September 2022 update in detail, which will include more items in the mix.

New State Mobile September 2022 update: New map, weapons, and more

New map: Akinta

The developers at Krafton have officially revealed the new map for Akintawhich is completely original, rather than adapted from other maps pubg mobile. The latest map from the futuristic battle royale will follow the original BR set of rules. This will include Recruit, Drone, and other familiar features such as sponsorship packages.

Other Introductions to Akinta

  • Level 4 gearwhich was previously seen in Bounty RoyalIt will no longer appear in Akinta’s battle royale mode.
  • The new five-seater electric car Vcab It was added exclusively for Akinta.
  • The tram in Akinda will travel faster than the tram in Troi. You will operate on 6 different lines from the center to the outskirts of Aquinta.

New weapon: AK Alfa

New State Mobile September 2022 Update AK Alfa
Image via Crafton

the new 7.62 mm assault rifles AK AlphaIt has been added to the game. It has the highest damage per shot of all ARs in the game and can equip muzzle, scope, grip and magazine attachments.

AK Alpha [C1]

AK Alfa’s C1 attachment will see a file Flash funnel barrel, which will increase the damage of weapons, which will increase the effect of the hidden flash. However, the muzzle shot of the AK Alfa would no longer be useful. The overall bounce will also increase.

New State Mobile September 2022 update: Gunplay and other updates

Gunplay Updates

New State Mobile September 2022 Update Kar98 c2
Image via Crafton
  • Car 98 [C2] add the long barrelincreased muzzle velocity, while reducing the vertical recoil control of the gun.
  • Long-range damage has been reduced for the following custom machine guns:
    • vector [C1]
    • PP-19 Bison [C1]
    • tommy gun [C1]
    • UMP45 [C1]
  • S1897 [C2] The Slug slug now has greater muzzle velocity and a better effective range.
  • There are now more grenades spawning with the Grenade Launcher, which has increased from their previous average of 1.5 to an average of 3.
  • In addition, the weight of each grenade was reduced from 12 to 9.

In-game updates

  • The educational map has been changed from Troi to Akinta.
  • when inhaling gas poison bombNow, the character makes a coughing sound, as her spirometer begins to drop.
  • The sound effects of blows have been modified for all characters in the game. There is also an additional pumpkin sound effect added as well.
  • Two-wheeled sports car mist You will now travel at a higher, normal, and enhanced high speed. This is done, along with its faster overall speed.
  • The unmanned reconnaissance plane It will now travel twice as fast as before, and spin 1.5 times faster.
  • The default map selected in the lobby has been changed from Troi to Akinta.
  • Troi (Extreme) and Erangel (Extreme) It will be temporarily removed from public games for further improvement. These maps will still be accessible in custom matches.

Out-of-game updates

Image via Crafton
  • The appearance of the main lobby, shop, upgrade and collection has been changed.
  • The Bounty Royal from New State Laboratories Now available for all survivors to enjoy.
  • Players can now download a file Achievement of a “combat expert” When you reach certain combat levels.
  • Upon reaching combat level 50, players will be rewarded with The title of “arms bearer”.
  • hot time events It will be applied to different maps on different days of From September 22, 2022 until October 19, 2022.
  • Survivor Pass Volume 11 and will include Vanessa From the chaos faction.
  • Players must complete weekly story missions to get the look and feel of Vanessa.

New State Mobile x McLaren Collaboration

New State Mobile has entered into a second collaboration with McLaren. Players will now be able to get many exclusive rewards by completing McLaren co-op missions, which will be introduced in this update.

That’s it for the New State Mobile September 2022 update. Let us know in the comments below.

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