Seeing the trouble OPPO mascot while riding a motorcycle, netizens are worried

Look at this Oppo mascot struggling to ride a motorbike. Netizens are more excited to see his behaviour.

Amulet of Oppo riding a motorcycle. (Instagram / – Once again, Oppo’s mascot made netizens excited by its behavior. Recently, a video went viral on social media showing what the Oppo mascot looks like when riding a motorcycle.

As it is known, the Oppo mascot uses people in large inflated costumes like balloons. It’s not uncommon for him to do unexpected things to be cool.

As in the viral video on social media that was uploaded to the Instagram account recently.

In the viral video upload, Oppo’s mascot, which looks alike in green and white, is about to get on a motorbike to go somewhere.

It seems that he found it difficult to get up and sit on the back of the motorcycle. Even you need the help of others to be able to ride a motorbike.

Amulet OPPO riding a motorcycle.  (Instagram /
Amulet OPPO riding a motorcycle. (Instagram /

After riding the motorcycle, the Oppo amulet hugged the motorcyclist quickly so as not to fall, considering his body to be too windy and larger than the driver.

His action-packed photo of him riding a motorbike went viral and got various comments from netizens, not a few who participated in laughing at the action, even the video recorder seemed unable to hold back the laughter throughout the video.

There are also netizens who are worried even to see the Oppo mascot having trouble riding a motorcycle.

I thought it was a doll swaying in the wind, anyone?One Internet user wrote.

I imagined that when the engine was running, the car flew off the nut,“Wrote a comment to an Internet user.

Tired of laughing aloneOne netizen wrote on Instagram.

so funny,Netizens wrote in the comments column.

Very KiyowoAnother user commented online.

Why is it so funnyOne netizen wrote on Instagram.

The upload of this video of the Oppo mascot riding a motorcycle and even a laughter has gone viral and has garnered more than 29,000 likes.

This is a viral video on social media that shows how excited the Oppo mascot is having trouble riding a motorbike. ( Dinar Oktarini)

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