Save the date! Promo 9.9 makes groceries and gadget shopping more cash at Blibli

The 9.9 Blibli promo offers various benefits for grocery and gadget shopping.

Promo 9.9 Blibli. (Doc. Blibli) – Who does not know the “twin” promotion or the double offer every month? This momentum is often energized by various attractive offers, ranging from free shipping and extra cashback to discount coupons.

Coming with a variety of best deals, the double date is a moment for customers to fulfill their needs and fulfill their desires but still have the money.

This is evidenced by the internal data of Blible, which recorded an average increase in transactions of 130% in the double date period in the past three months.

Cindy Calinsang, Senior Vice President of Blibli Campaign, said, “Some of the things customers look for most when making transactions are typically free shipping offers, cashback, and product discounts from leading brands in brand deals and flash sales. Far from this fact, Blibli consistently delivers promo In addition to regulating customer-related products.”

We are always committed to ensuring services and offers as well as regulating products relevant to customers. In the 9.9 momentum happening on September 9-13, 2022, Blibli will once again introduce 9adget & 9roceries Shopping Day where customers can get special cashback of up to 999 thousand rupees across all categories, as well as additional cashback specifically for daily household needs (groceries) and tools.

In addition, customers can also enjoy promotions of up to 90% at Brand Deals Festival, Flash Sale and Zone 10K in the form of curated various products with prices starting at just Rs 10,000, and free pick-up and pick-up facilities.

Moreover, for the 9adget & 9roceries Shopping Day program, Blibli also provides a choice of the most complete payment methods supported by Banking and Digital Bank Payment Partners (BCA, BRI, BNI, BSI, CITI, Digibank by DBS, HSBC, Mandiri, Maybank, Mayapada MEGA, MNC, UOB, blu, BRIMO, Oneklik, Sakuku, TMRW); digital wallets (GOPAY, OVO); and installments without credit card (Blibli PayLater, Kredivo, AkuLaku PayLater) by providing Upgrade functional More specials can be checked here.

9roceries shopping day, koan moment to meet family needs in Blibli

During the first quarter of 2022, Bliblimart, the provider of daily household needs, recorded a 50% increase in demand. This shows the great interest of customers in easily fulfilling their daily needs online.

This double date moment can definitely be an option for customers to fulfill their daily needs with more earnings every month at Bliblimart.

“Customers are increasingly enjoying the benefits of shopping at Bliblimart by taking advantage of special offers for transactions using digital wallets, credit cards and PayLater to purchase home care and body skin care products which are a staple in the new natural age, to shop online for various nutritional products Fresh.) and frozen foods that are kept fresh due to the availability of various delivery options ranging from same-day, instant or same-day delivery, to 2-hour delivery,” Cindy explained.

The presence of a number of official stores (official stores) in Bliblimart also enriches the choice of products offered to customers, with the presence of offline supermarkets such as Ranch Market and Farmers Market, as well as a number of leading consumer goods products such as Unilever, Danone, Colgate-Palmolive, Nestle, P&G, Wings.

Cuan Solution to upgrade high-end devices on 9adget Shopping Day Blibli

It is not only household needs that are basic needs, but the role of gadgets nowadays is just as important for a more productive and effective life.

From cool smartwatches to accompany a healthy lifestyle, electronic equipment that makes life easier to a choice of high-end laptops and smartphones that increase productivity, it’s all at Always Exciting Gadget Shopping September 10 with free shipping offers.

You can also find interesting offers of major hardware products from various official gadget stores such as Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Philips PEL and many others.

Are you ready to make more money with your 9adget & 9groceries double shopping day? Check out the schedule as well as the Blibli 9.9 show here.

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