Samsung’s latest recommendation HP price 1 million in 2022

The following recommendations for the latest million Samsung mobile phones in 2022 are not many options. to target slides Beginner In Indonesia, Samsung owns the A and M series lines.

Not only are the prices reasonable, but these five smartphones are also relatively small, so they have modern specifications and designs. As the latest HP version, it also has a fairly long service life.

5 recommendations for the latest Samsung mobile phones at a price of 1 million in 2022

Samsung Galaxy A03

Samsung Galaxy A03 2
Samsung Galaxy A03. (IST)

Among all of them, the Galaxy A03 might be Samsung’s latest million dollar mobile phone, which is the best-selling in Indonesia today. Of course, the specifications it offers are very interesting.

Samsung A03 is available in RAM variants of up to 4 GB and internal memory of up to 64 GB. This South Korean smartphone is also equipped with a 5000 mAh battery and a 48 MP camera. With the specifications it offers, the Samsung Galaxy A03 price starts at 1,399,000 rupees.

Latest news, the successors, namely the Galaxy A04 and A04s, will soon be present in the Indonesian market. The price is expected to be higher than before.

Samsung Galaxy A03s

Samsung Galaxy A03s
Samsung Galaxy A03s phone. (IST)

The Galaxy A03s is also a recommendation for Samsung’s latest million dollar mobile phone that is still worth buying in 2022.

This smartphone is powered by 4GB RAM / 64GB RAM, Triple camera 13 MP, plus a huge battery, 5000 mAh. As for the price, the Samsung Galaxy A03s is priced at just Rs 1,799,000.

Samsung Galaxy A03 Core

Galaxy A03 Core
Galaxy A03 Core. (IST)

Still in the A series, Samsung Galaxy A03 Core priced at Rs 1,249,000 was launched in Indonesia to support all kinds of routines.

Samsung mobile phone category Beginner It offers infinite storage capacity, large screen, large battery, and the performance of an Octa-core processor.

Samsung Galaxy A02

Samsung Galaxy A02
Samsung Galaxy A02. (IST)

Next, there is the Samsung Galaxy A02 which has a slim body but has a large capacity battery.

In addition to the battery, this phone also offers a large 6.5-inch screen with an Infinity-V design. For photography, the device adopts a dual rear camera setup led by a 13MP main camera. Regarding the price, the Galaxy A02 sells for 1.5 million rupees.

Samsung Galaxy M12

Samsung Galaxy M12
Samsung Galaxy M12 phone. (IST)

Another million Samsung mobile phones worth considering is the Galaxy M12. At just a year old, this smartphone is still worth the loan.

The Galaxy M12 is based on the Exynos 850 processor that Samsung also uses for mid-range phones, such as the Galaxy A13.

Other interesting specs are a 48MP camera and a 5,000mAh battery. The Samsung Galaxy M12 price is currently starting at just Rs 1.8 million.

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In addition to the five recommendations for the latest Samsung mobiles in 2022, of course, you can still find Samsung mobiles with a price range of up to 1 million rupees in the market. However, most of them are old products that in terms of specifications can no longer provide the best performance for this year.

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