Reliable Crypto Investment, Top 9 Bitcoin Apps

Jakarta, – Anyone can start reliable crypto investments, even beginners who want to dive into the world of digital assets.

Currently, more and more people are interested in entering and participating in crypto-asset trading. There are a number of digital assets, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin and Dogecoin that are often a target for traders to make maximum profit.

However, to be able to trade crypto assets well, of course, you must first understand the platform/application that provides the service. In Indonesia, there are many options for cryptocurrency trading applications that can be used easily and practically.

Well, to learn more, let’s take a look at the review below, as excerpted from Republica.

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Reliable Crypto Investment – Crypto is

As a reminder, crypto is a type of digital asset that is decentralized and found on a network or blockchain system. Crypto assets can be used for online visual transactions.

In addition, cryptocurrency is also known for its security system and technology transparency. Not only that, data processing and storage is also not centralized, but it is spread to many computers around the world.

Well, if you want to know how to find the best secure crypto app, then you should choose one that is supervised by the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (CoFTRA).

Reliable Crypto Investing: Best Bitcoin App Recommendations

1. Reliable Crypto Investment Platform: Indodax

This is a trusted bitcoin app in Indonesia that is registered with OJK and CoFTRA. Request Endodex It has the most advanced AI chat analysis feature than competing services.

In its use, Indodax is also equipped with a variety of crypto-asset options, ranging from COTI, RVN, ADA, UNI, and many more. The advantage of this app is that users can use one account on several devices simultaneously.

In addition, this application also offers non-stop trading activities 24 hours a day. Indodax also offers a chat feature for your fellow traders to discuss with each other regarding the crypto world.

2. Crypto shop

TokoCrypto is a legal crypto-asset trading app that has been operating in Indonesia since 2017. This app is being run under the auspices of the Indonesian Crypto Corporation, in cooperation with Binance Cloud. This also makes him one of the pioneers in the cryptocurrency trading industry in Indonesia.

To date, TokoCrypto has registered more than 2 million registered users on its platform. This huge number of users stems from the simple access process and the apps that can be easily obtained on smartphones for free.

Not only that, this platform is also available in the form of a website so that it can adapt to the needs of its users. In addition, the transaction activities on the TokoCrypto platform have been directly verified and supervised by Kominfo and CoFTRA, so you don’t have to worry about the legality and credibility of the service.

Trusted Crypto Investment

3. Door

The next recommendation is doors. This application can be easily downloaded via AppStore or Playstore for free on smartphones. In addition, Pintu has a simple user design that makes it easy to use and suitable for beginners.

For info, Pintu is an app created and managed by Pintu Anywhere company that is easy to use by people from all walks of life. In its use, customers only need to make a deposit with a relatively light face value so that it is easily accessible to the general public.

4. Binance

Binance is known to have the highest rating of any cryptocurrency trading app, with an unquestionable global reputation. In fact, Binance has launched its own digital currency, the Binance Coin.

The application can be easily obtained through the AppStore or Playstore on the smartphone. However, in Indonesia, this app is considered illegal, so it is best to use the Binance app when you are abroad.

Well, as an alternative, you can use the TokoCrypto app associated with this platform. In its use, Binance is usually used to receive or send crypto from the closest people as it offers a QR Code feature. Another advantage is the 24 hour customer service which can help the users in resolving any transaction issues that the users may encounter.

5. Betoktu

Bitocto also deserves to be used as one of the trusted cryptocurrency trading app choices because it is registered with OJK and CoFTRA so that it guarantees the security and convenience of its use.

The services include transactions for various types of crypto assets with transaction operations that can be executed 24 hours a day, non-stop at competitive rates. Regarding the monitoring process, this application is equipped with a clear security system that can detect fraud or fraud instantly so that users can deal more safely and comfortably without worry.

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6. My Account

My Account offers a variety of reliable features, including a one-stop service for all digital assets for investors, 40 types of cryptocurrencies and more, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, and more.

With a two-factor authentication security system and a very light minimum deposit, users can be more secure and comfortable when using this app. However, the verification process on this platform can be called a little more complex and does not have insurance protection services.

7. Trif as a trusted crypto investment app

This is a well-known trading app in Indonesia that offers 24-hour non-stop real-time digital asset trading services. When you enter money into this platform, it will usually be converted directly into rupees, so there is no need to calculate the transfer amount.

In addition, the advantage of Triv is that the withdrawal process can be done quickly, anytime and anywhere. The currency variations available on this platform are relatively more complete and have competitive exchange rates.

One of the excellent features of this app is “Staking” which is integrated into the service and allows users to lock coins in order to earn interest. It is still difficult to find this caching feature on other crypto platforms so it is an added value for this Triv app.

8. Zipmex

If the above application is still not suitable to use as an option, you may be interested in Zipmex. Also available in Singapore, Australia and Thailand, local crypto traders can use this app which is known for its integrated security level and is registered with CoFTRA. This app also comes with insurance as the nominal goes up to $100.

9. Luno

The last recommendation is Luno, which offers a series of attractive features. With this app, users can make deposits with reasonable amounts starting from 50 thousand rupees.

Lots of reviews about reliable crypto investments that you need to know. Come on, trade now!

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