Punishing Gray Raven Imprisoned Sight update brings a new story, new events, and more

Punishment: Gray RavenAnime-style a job The game, is getting a new chapter with the Imprisoned Sight update from Kuro game. The final chapter introduces the Festival of Eden, a new S-rank build, a tough new monster, and new skins and weapons.

Punishment: Gray Raven, which boasts furious serial combat, combines style and action with ease. Unleash a graceful barrage of sweeping sword attacks, blast away enemy attacks with guns and dodges to create bullet time effects to land additional attacks. Online co-op also allows up to three players to form teams between players.

Learn about the new S-rank design and experience exciting action in the Punishing Gray Raven Imprisoned Sight update

Players will face Chrome: glory, Latest S rank building, in jail prison. Glory is a strong opponent on the battlefield as she is the captain of the Strike Hawk Squad. Players will be guided through the Glory break as they learn about the many aspects of the character and get to know other characters along the way, adding to the game’s rich and continuing visual story in the style of the novel.

From September 30, 2022, players will have access to the new gameplay element blind simulation In addition to the difficulties they will encounter in the new chapter, including the formation of a new boss mother cell. The Mycenaean Protocol will be used by players to improve certain characters so that they can take on tougher challenges.

In addition to the Glory entrance, players can participate in Aden Festival. Players can vote for their favorite characters from three groups of 24 characters that will be divided during the festival. Players who participate in the Eden Festival have the chance to win prizes such as paint selection supply packagea Levi-gun weapon paintAnd the decorative elementsand more.

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