PUBG Mobile version 2.2 update brings new map, modes, and more

In the Update version 2.2 for pubg mobilePlayers will be able to fight across the new terrain in the updated Erangel, and explore the tropics with the new map Noosa (revealed earlier this month), enjoy the exciting game mode front gear position, And unlock and use a number of new cosmetics as part of Session 3 Season 8 Royale Pass Month 15.

PUBG Mobile version 2.2 introduces the all-new Nusa map

A brand new map is available for players to enjoy, explore and engage in combat with version 2.2. Noosa It is a new tourist island 1 x 1 km in the tropics. Players will instantly fall into exciting struggles due to the abundance of supplies! Due to the small size of the map and the speed with which matches are completed compared to larger maps like Erangel or Livik, the gameplay will be frenetic and exciting.

Noosa Island is home to many stunning landscapes and panoramic views as well as gun battles. While preparing for the next firefight, players can take a few moments to enjoy the landscape. In addition, Nusa will launch the new brand for the first time super remind A mechanism that enables players to re-enter the game if any of their teammates are still alive. Single players will constantly reappear.

PUBG Mobile Version 2.2 Nusa
Image via Crafton

A variety of new transportation options are included in the updated map, from zip lines Which are spread all over the elevator on multiple floors Telepak Town Apartment. New weapons will also be available in Noosa in the form of NS2000 rifle And the Tactical crossbow. In addition, the new quad, an agile two-seater vehicle with exceptional stability, is available for use by gamers.

PUBG Mobile version 2.2 introduces changes to existing maps

There are changes to an old favorite map as well as a new one. A number of tweaks will also be made to Erangel in the PUBG Mobile version 2.2 update. First of all, the hospital and Mylta Power structures have been upgraded to simplify the battle and search for supplies.

Erangel will get two additional ports, one south of the Sosnovka military base and the other southwest of the farm. Ferry pier will also get aesthetic improvements. Besides this, Erangel will now have a file rainbow weather effecta flash store which will appear randomly, gas stations Where players can refill their cars, a Bicycle storage areaand the new Target Supply Fundswhich come in three different types: medical, token, and military supplies.

The 2.2 update will also add a new game mode

the new front gear mode It will also be included in the upcoming version 2.2 update for PUBG Mobile. Players will engage in combat in Erangel, Livik and Nusa using a variety of new skills that will speed up the gunfight, make it easier to navigate the map, and lead to frequent clashes of the opponent. Getting to the next play area, tracking down enemies, or finding advanced supplies will be much easier with the help of skills like Playzone AnalysisAnd the EffectAnd the supply check. Players will have more options to move around in the area with Air Drops, and if skillfully applied, abilities such as gliding doll And the smoke cure It will change the nature of battles.

In the store, players can also purchase a vehicle radar scan, which will speed up the process of finding vehicles. Stalber now owns cable carts, which makes it even simpler for people who prefer to roam the neighborhood to commute. Strange Town, a new area, is also included. This new area contains hot air balloons that players can use for a quick escape near Stalber and the West Coast.

The third cycle of Season 8 and Royale Pass will be released on the 15th of September 20, 2022

With a new set of Legendary items, tweaks to the Ace Tier including titles and subclasses, and improvements to the Tier Badge screen and Badge page, PUBG Mobile version 2.2 update launches the third cycle of Season 8 on September 20.

As part of the Royale Pass Month 15: Razzle Dazzle, which begins September 20 and includes upgraded RP Favorites chests and new social rewards for RP players, new materials will also be released to users. Improvements to the RP notification system and a mechanism that recognizes teammates when they appear in the in-game aircraft rating are among other upgrades.

Version 2.2 brings new features and characters to PUBG Mobile

Version 2.2 update has some great features for PUBG Mobile players who love customization. Stay tuned for the release of two new friends for the game. For players who want to move quickly, a unique sports car that they can design and modify will be available soon, allowing them to roam the battlefield in style. Finally, during the update, two new characters—Riley’s survival expert And the Tech Sophia Mercenary– as well Spectral swan And the cosmic detective group will be made available.

PUBG Mobile is set to join the Level Infinite family with the latest update

With the game joining the Level Infinite family, the 2.2 update also heralds a change of title. A global gaming company called infinity level We are committed to providing audiences around the world with high-quality, interactive entertainment experiences that are entertaining, no matter where and how they play.

PUBG Mobile will also use the brand new image of Lightspeed Studios, which developed the game using Crafton. At the launch of the game, players will now see the Level Infinite and Lightspeed Studios logos. The dedication of PUBG Mobile to its users has not changed. In addition, the game has received a number of aesthetic upgrades, UI updates, and other improvements.

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