PUBG Mobile sponsors PCB ahead of Pakistan and England T20I series

In an unprecedented turn of events, the official authority of cricket in the State of Pakistan has issued a statement Pakistan Cricket Boardalso known as PCB announced that popular battle royale Toys pubg mobile You will sponsor the national cricket team in Pakistan vs England T20 International Series. Tencenthead of state of pakistan, Khawar Naeem He confirmed this in a public interview hosted earlier.

This is the first time ever that a mobile game has sponsored a National Athletic Association in an officially licensed tournament. PUBG Mobile, the main game of Tencent In the global market as one of the most successful and influential mobile games since its release in Late 2017.

PUBG Mobile has surpassed its overall success The original computer counterpart It quickly earned its place among the highest-grossing games worldwide. With billions of dollars in the bank, PUBG Mobile has invested a lot of that into exceptional and large-scale marketing campaigns. esports environmental system.

PUBG Mobile Cover
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A mobile game or any game that sponsors a physical game is an impressive feat, to say the least. It highlights not only the general popularity and influence the game has but also the amount of financial clout it has, to the point where it can sponsor a major international tournament. So, overall, this is a very impressive achievement and a first for a mobile phone gaming industry.

This ambitious project from PUBG Mobile puts them in a very favorable position as they have nothing to lose but a lot to gain. Sponsorship can be a very effective marketing tool and fulfill the purpose of keeping the game relevant and popular among the general public.

It could also pave the way for other games, whether on mobile or PC in the future, if they think of venturing into the world of esports and games from the virtual world itself. Overall, it’s something we can all stand behind as players because it will only amplify our community as a whole.

What are your thoughts as PUBG Mobile announces sponsorship of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) game ahead of Pakistan vs England T20I Series tournament?

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