PUBG Mobile or BGMI C3S8 M15 RP Leaks: Royale Pass and Skins

pubg mobile or BGMI will present First Royal Ticket subordinate 2.2 Update Versionand he Royal Pass for C3S8 seasonM15 is the latest version that players will see. The official name of the M15 RP is dazzle rose. This new system offers players twice the rewards they used to get in the old system.

The upcoming RP, the M15, is no exception either. The developers are back with more exciting and awesome skins and bonuses. In this article, we are going to list some leaks from famous PUBG Mobile data stylists and YouTubers, who have provided some outfits, skins and bonuses from the C3S8 M15 RP season.

PUBG Mobile C3S8 M15 RP Leaks: New Outfits

The player will get Groovy Pick Group Ranked first in the M15 Royal Pass. It doesn’t look really good, but it’s also not out of the ordinary. a Win -94 riyals The ending known as Music Star – Win94 Also available to players.

PUBG-Mobile-Groovy-Peck مجموعة
Image via YT مصنف Workbook

Besides the RP1 outfit, players will also get Groovy Peck Hood Cover Level 5. This is a great match for the RP1 outfit.

PUBG Mobile Groovy Peck Hood
Image via YT مصنف Workbook

Players will get RP10 Magical Night Helmetwhich has a beautiful appearance. It mates beautifully with RP50 costume Which players will get at the end.

pubg mobile magic night helmet
Image via YT مصنف Workbook

The helmet color is white and red, which also matches nicely with the Groovy peck range. Players will get the avatar of the outfit which they will get at the price of 50 rupees for 15 rupees.

Decoration of PUBG Mobile Royal Pass Magical Knight
Image via YT مصنف Workbook

They will also receive magical night decorationIt is a very attractive decoration. It is a small white clown look decoration. This backpack can be used as an attachment.

BGMI C3S8 M15 Magic Smoke Bomb ببجي
Image via YT مصنف Workbook

Players will get Magic Night Skin Smoke Bomb When they reach the rank of RP 20. It is a smoke bomb skin painted white and a light color. It will look royal with outfits It’s a really beautiful lightning bomb skin.

PUBG Mobile C3S8 M15 RP Leaks: New Skins

Players will be given access to Finish a cute clown plane at level 30 of RP. It is a really attractive aircraft leather. In this RP class, players will also receive an in-game Legendary Expression. Midas fortune In this RP class, players will also get an in-game Legendary Expression. Royal Aurum is the epitome of legendary expressions.

Finish the PUBG Mobile cute clown plane
Image via YT مصنف Workbook

Each player completes The 35th M15 Royal Pass will get the Epic P90 leather known as the Fairytale scarecrow – P90. Player status arenas will also have a unique background aspect. Only owners of Royal Permits are allowed to use it. It is a completely new element in the game.

PUBG Mobile Fantasy Scarecrow - P90
Image via YT مصنف Workbook

The skin of the DP-28 can be accessed at Rank 40 in the M15 Royal Pass. Drum Sense – DP28 It is the label of the skin. After a long while, the DP-28 skin appeared in the Royal Pass rewards section. It has a fancy and funky look. There is no doubt that players in the medium and long term will appreciate this result.

PUBG MOBILE Drum Sense - DP28
Image via YT مصنف Workbook

Finally, at 50 RP, players will get the Legend M15 Royal Uniform. Midas Fortune Group is the name of the outfit, and players with rank of RP15 will receive its avatar token. It has a red and gold coloring. In addition, players will receive the legendary Midas Fortune hat.

PUBG Mobile Midas Fortune Collection
Image via YT مصنف Workbook

Players will also get The legendary mask of this outfit Ranked 45 of the M15 Royal Pass. Among the thirteen-month royal passes, this outfit ranks among the top 50 outfits. There will be standard incentives for individuals who choose not to purchase a Royale Pass, as well as rewards for those who do.

Among other things, it contains Silver, cage coupons, free expression, clothes, gun skin. Players must claim this by leveling up in the Royal Pass, in terms of RP, which can be obtained by performing weekly RP missions. Players must remember to complete missions.

last thoughts

For their RP incentives, PUBG Mobile comes with all firearms. When it’s released, reviews and responses will be the only ways to determine whether or not players will like it. However, she looks cute enough for now.

What are your thoughts on PUBG Mobile / BGMI C3S8 M15 RP Leaks? Let us know in the comments below.

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