Proof that Naruto is a bad father, poor Boruto and Himawari?

Growing up without parents, would Naruto Uzumaki be a good father to Boruto and Himawari?

Naruto, Himawari and Boruto Uzumaki. ( – There is some evidence that Naruto is a bad father to Boruto and Himawari. Even though Naruto Uzumaki is a great character, being the Hokage who leads the village, how could he be a bad father?

Who doesn’t fall in love with Naruto, his fun attitude and tenacity make fans crazy for this Naruto character.

In the Naruto series, this main hero is praised with all the praise for his nature and strength. Likewise with his command of the Hokage in Boruto.

But not in Boruto, in this series, the father of the main hero receives a lot of criticism from fans. One of them relates to his position as a father.

We know Naruto Uzumaki didn’t have the best childhood and often struggled with loneliness.

For this reason, fans expect the Naruto character to be a better father.

But it really isn’t, there are many incidents that make Naruto a bad father to Boruto and Himawari.

Naruto Bad Dad

Naruto was attacked by Himawari Uzumaki.  (fandom)
Naruto was attacked by Himawari Uzumaki. (fandom)

Before we get into that, it’s important to understand a little bit about his past as he played a role in cementing fandom feelings toward Naruto as a bad father.

As a child, he did not spend any time with his parents, and he always regretted it.

He always wanted to meet his parents to find out what they were up to.

One of the most emotional scenes in the Naruto series is when he meets his mother and talks between them.

Naruto fans can feel the emotion as he warmly embraces his mother. Naruto misses his parents, who rarely spend time with him.

But this incident happened again in Boruto. In fact, Naruto rarely spends time with his son because he is as busy as the Seventh Hokage.

Naruto has always dreamed of becoming Hokage because this would be the highest form of recognition as this title was given to the strongest and most powerful shinobi in the village.

Naruto Family: Naruto Uzumaki, Boruto, Hinata, and Himawari.  (fandom)
Naruto Family: Naruto Uzumaki, Boruto, Hinata, and Himawari. (fandom)

One could understand that the Hokage would always be busy because they were responsible not only for the security of the village but also for the management of the village as a whole.

However, his actions actually hurt Boruto’s feelings and fan base when Naruto did not attend his daughter Himawari’s birthday party.

Even worse, he had instead sent a Shadow Clone instead, and the family found out about it in the worst possible way.

Shadow Clone Chakra was exhausted while holding Himawari’s birthday cake and because of that, the cake fell to the ground. This upset Himawari because her father did not keep his promise.

These are some of the reasons why fans think that the Seventh Hokage is not the ideal parent for their children.

It will be interesting to see if things stay that way or if he decides to prioritize spending more time with his family and delegate his work to others in the village.

Do you also think Naruto is a bad father to his two children?

Contributor: Damai Lestari

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