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Jakarta, – BCA savings for Umrah, starting from the product, how to open it, to the deposit, it is very important to know.

For those of you who are planning to worship in the Holy Land, you can try the BCA Umrah savings product to help make that dream come true. In this way of saving, it will be easier to prepare the costs of the Umrah so that the desire to worship in the Holy Land can be fulfilled immediately.

Well, if you would like to know more about this BCA Shariah Bank Umrah saving product then let’s have a look at the review below, as quoted from koala.

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Get to know BCA Umrah Savings at a glance

BCA Umrah Savings is a multi-service financing facility that uses a lease or lease agreement. The purpose of the financing facility from BCA Bank is to help clients realize their dreams of performing Umrah in the Holy Land.

One of the premium products offered by BCA Sharia Bank can be offered by customers who meet the following criteria:

  • Employees with permanent status with at least two years of service
  • Business owner or professional with at least two years experience

For information, this savings product from BCA Syariah offers various advantages, one of which is that customers do not need to pay a down payment (DP) first. In addition, the payback period is quite long, which ranges from 1 to 3 years.

It is worth noting that in managing the Umrah provision program for parents and children, BCA has also collaborated with trusted tour and travel agents, with the aim of ensuring that customers’ Umrah trips will run smoothly so that they can worship fervently in the Holy Land.

BCA Umrah Savings Products

BCA Syariah is known to offer a variety of useful products, especially to Muslims. One of the most famous of these is the Umrah Mandiri Savings Account, which is a savings account to help prepare for the cost of worshiping the Holy Land.

iB . Umrah Finance

This is a BCA Umrah savings product which is also known as iB BCA Umrah Financing. This product is a multi-service financing facility regulated by BCA Syariah using a lease agreement (Ijarah).

This BCA Umrah Finance Program offers various benefits over mortgaged Umrah savings, including:

  • Umrah without waiting
  • Fast and flexible operation
  • There are many facilities and amenities

In addition, this product also offers several interesting features, namely:

  • without down payment
  • no guarantee
  • Cooperate with trusted Umrah and travel agents

It is known that Sharia BCA offers a financing cap for Umrah starting from 5 million rupees – 300 million rupees, with the installment period offered quite long, between 6-36 months.

Well, for financing less than Rs 50 million, customers do not need to prepare a guarantee. However, if it is higher than this figure, it is necessary to provide a guarantee. Here is an example of the guarantees for the iB BCA Umrah Finance:

  • Gold or precious metals officially issued by PT Antam Tbk
  • BCA Sharia Fund products, both savings, term deposits and current accounts
  • Land or building with SHM / SHGB certificate
  • Four-wheeled vehicles accompanied by BPKB


  • No need to pay in advance
  • Free guarantee for financing under IDR 50 million
  • Cooperating with the best Umrah and travel agents to ensure a smooth and safe worship journey to the Holy Land
  • Customers can accelerate repayment with a minimum of 3 months after concluding the financing contract
  • Offers financing ceilings for Umrah starting from IDR 5 million and a maximum of IDR 300 million for a period of 6 to 36 months

BCA Umrah Savings

Conditions for opening the Umrah Provider Program BCA

For Umrah savings, this can indeed be a solution for those of you who want to worship for Umrah, but are running into costs. To be able to participate in this Umrah savings program, there are several requirements that customers have to complete, which are as follows.

1. Customer’s requirements

  • An Indonesian citizen (WNI) at least 21 years old
  • Maximum finance eligibility age is 55 years for employees and 60 years for self-employed
  • You must have a Sharia BCA account

2. Document requirements

  • Fill out the application form
  • Attach a copy of the applicant’s ID card (KTP)
  • Attach a copy of the identity card (KTP) of the husband or wife
  • A copy of the marriage contract
  • Copy of bank statement or savings for the last 3 months
  • For employees, the original salary slip or income statement for the last month must be included
  • For professional workers, a copy of the practice permit must be attached
  • For the self-employed, a copy of the SIUP, TDP, company registration certificate and the latest articles of incorporation or amendments must be attached

For those who wish to open a BCA Syariah Umrah savings account, the above requirements must be met first. Otherwise, the application process may be rejected and you cannot participate in the iB BCA Umrah Finance Program.

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How to open a savings account

BCA ib Umrah Finance is a multi-service financing facility from BCA Syariah that uses a lease agreement (Ijarah). The goal is to help customers who want to worship in the Holy Land according to a predetermined time. The procedures for opening this Umrah savings account are as follows:

  • The client comes to the BCA Sharia office with the required documents
  • The customer will be accepted by the customer service and get clarification regarding the iB BCA Sharia Umrah financing and then submit the required documents
  • Sharia BCA will carry out the financing process
  • The bank will inform the customer of the departure date based on the availability of the departure date at the cooperating Umrah travel agency
  • The customer receives the approval and then enters into a contract with Sharia Bank BCA
  • Then the customer coordinates with the Umrah travel agency to find out the departure details

Initial and minimum deposit

Apart from BCA Gold Savings, the initial deposit and minimum deposit for BCA Umrah savings account depends on the finance amount and duration chosen. However, to open a Sharia BCA account as one of the conditions for obtaining this Umrah saving account, the initial deposit is IDR 100 thousand. Here is a list of simulations (in rupees):

Funding cap: 10,000,000

6 months: 1,742,667

12 months: 908,333

24 months: 491,667

36 months: 352.778

Funding ceiling: 25,000,000

6 months: 4,354,167

12 months: 2,270,833

24 months: 1,229,167

36 months: 881,944

Financing ceiling: 50,000,000

monthly installment

Six months: 8,708,333

12 months: 4,451,667

24 months: 2,458,333

36 months: 1,763,889

Financing ceiling: 100,000,000

monthly installment

6 months: 17,416,667

12 months: 9,083,333

24 months: 4,916,667

36 months: 3,527,778

Funding ceiling: 150,000,000

monthly installment

6 months: 26,125,000

12 months: 13,625,000

24 months: 7375000

36 months: 5,291,667

Funding ceiling: 200,000,000

monthly installment

Six months: 34,833,333

12 months: 18,166,667

24 months: 9,833,333

36 months: 7,055,556

Funding ceiling: 300,000,000

monthly installment

Six months: 52,250,000

12 months: 27,250,000

24 months: 14,750,000

36 months: 10,583,333

The total financing is normally adjusted according to the applicable 2022 Umrah fee. In addition, funding is also affected by the chosen Umrah package. In general, BCA Syariah offers several options for Umrah packages that you can choose according to your needs.

Some reviews about BCA Umrah savings that you can consider when going to the Holy Land. God willing yes!

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