Preventing Hacking Cases From Expanding, BIN Ready 24 Hours Cyber ​​Patrol

BIN intervened to prevent data leaks from becoming more widespread.

pirate illustration. (Pixabay) – State Intelligence Agency (BIN) spokesperson Wawan Harry Purwanto assured that his party will continue to reinforce all lines related to cyber security and privacy, especially the government and the president, to prevent leaks.

Wawan said the reason is that Ben is a bulwark of security in Indonesia.

“Our next effort is actually to continue reinforcing all of these lines because we are a fortress,” Wawan said. “The cyber and data security issues have to be so secure that government policies and policies don’t leak anywhere which is ultimately counterproductive.” In a discussion entitled “Data Protection Emergency”, Saturday (10/9/2022), citing

Wawan’s statement came on the heels of allegations by the hacker Bjorka, who claimed to have access to secret messages from President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and confidential BIN documents.

In addition, Wawan said, BIN also continues to conduct 24-hour electronic patrols. It also enhances cyber security through cooperation with ministries and agencies.

pirate illustration.  (Pixels / Sora Shimazaki)
pirate illustration. (Pixels / Sora Shimazaki)

“What we continue to do, we also do 24 hour online patrols to review there are many things that ministries/agency are collaborating to strengthen each other,” he said.

Moreover, Wawan assured that BIN will prevent all malicious actions such as hacking cases in Indonesia.

“Because things like this will also happen, it is not surprising, but God willing, in the future, we will definitely anticipate all the movements that are there.” Hadaah Saleh

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