Polaroid enters the music with new speakers

(Pocket-lint) — Polaroid has announced an interesting new angle for its brand, in the form of the Polaroid Music Players, a set of new Bluetooth speakers it hopes will match its cultural roots.

There are four speakers in total, simply carrying the Polaroid P1, P2, P3, and P4, each getting bigger and stronger in turn.

The first two have a really compact design that can be clipped onto a belt or bag to take your audio with you on the go just the way you want it, while the P3 and P4 are more like old school boom boxes.

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However, they are more colorful and vibrant than the older speakers, although they retain some old school touches. The red button is designed to act as a throwback to the action buttons on a Polaroid camera, for example.

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Each speaker will also have a dial that can switch between newly launched Polaroid radio stations, a discovery service that Polaroid is pushing alongside the device.

There will be five stations featuring curated playlists created by musicians, artists, and creators for more theoretical composing around music streaming.

We don’t know much about the tech specs of the speakers at this point, so it would be very interesting to see how they stack up in a competitive market, since that’s not something Polaroid hasn’t done before.

What we do know are their UK prices – the P1 music player will cost £49.99, the P2 music player will cost £119.99, the P3 music player is £169.99 and the P4 music player will cost £259.99, which means they cover a wide range of budgets.

Written by Max Freeman Mills.

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