Pokémon Unite leaks reveal upcoming support moves, Sableye

Sableye, the third generation dark/stealth type will arrive soon pokemon unite List by kit Rumors. Especially the leaks he posted @El Chicoeevee Make the rumors more persistent. Just like the speculation swirling around Zoroark, Sableye may arrive in the game before the previous game. Also, Sableye is supposed to be a file melee supporterwith mid-level control difficulty. Let’s take a look at Sableye’s move set in Pokémon Unite, which appeared as a datamin leak.

Pokemon Unite Leaks: Sableye Moves Set

As expected, Sableye has a mix of Ghost and Dark Type moves. According to the datamin leaks, here are the details of these moves in the Pokémon Unite.

basic attack

It becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, damaging the opponent’s Pokemon it hits and reducing their movement speed for a short time. If the user is stealthy when a Pokemon hits an opponent with a boosted attack, it will deal damage and apply the Fear Effect. The opposing Pokémon affected by the fear will have to move away from the user. When the user enters the stealth, he will be able to use the enhanced attack immediately.

Negative – scammer

When a Pokémon with this ability is outside the visible range of a Pokémon from the opposing team, it goes into disguise and its movement speed increases. When a Pokémon with this ability enters the visible range of a Pokémon from the opposing team, it does not become immediately visible but remains in stealth for a short time. This stealth lasts longer when approaching a Pokémon from the opposing team from behind. Pokemon with this ability come out of stealth when they attack.

Ability 1 – Thief

Image via The Pokémon Company

This dark-type move dashes the user in the specified direction, damaging any opposing Pokemon it hits and reducing their movement speed for a short time. Second, if the move hits a Pokemon from the opposing team, it steals a small amount of Aeos’ energy. Again, if these Pokemon don’t have any Aeos energy, this move stuns them for a short time.

Ability 1 upgrade

The thief upgrades to either of these two moves, based on the user’s choice. These upgrades were also revealed as part of the moves leaks from Sableye in Pokémon Unite.

Stop working or get killed Confused Ray
This dark-type damage action causes the user to move in the specified direction and then back again as they attack around themselves, causing damage to the opposing Pokemon that the attacks have hit and leaving them unable to act for a short time. For a short time after that, this movement can be used again. If so, the user attacks in front of himself with his claws, inflicting damage on the opposing Pokémon he hits and throws.

When the first or second stage of the move hits an opposing Pokémon, those Pokémon will drop some of their energy collected from Aeos, and for a short while, they won’t be able to capture Aeos’ energy. When any stage of this move collides with opposing Pokémon that do not have Aeos energy, those Pokémon will not be able to function for much longer. While using this move, the user receives less damage.
CD: 7.5 sec

Ghost-type movement causes the user to shoot an evil beam in the specified direction, which damages the opponent’s Pokémon it hits. If this move hits a Pokémon from the opposing team, it also leaves them confused.

During confusion, a Pokémon becomes unable to act and begins to constantly attack nearby Pokémon with basic attacks. Furthermore, a confused Pokémon will target nearby Pokémon in the following order of priority: first, their ally Pokémon; Then, wild Pokémon; Finally, Pokémon on the user team.
CD: 8 s

upgrades: For a short time after using this movement, the next time the user captures the power of an Aeos, the user recovers HP and their movement speed increases. upgrades: Also increases the movement speed and basic attack speed of the opposing team’s Pokemon while this move left them confused.

Ability 2 – Amazed

Pokemon Unite Leaks Sableye's Mobility 2
Image via The Pokémon Company

Another Ghost type move, in which the user attacks in a cone in front of themselves, inflicting damage on the opposing Pokémon and reducing their movement speed for a short time. If a move hits a rival Pokemon from behind, it causes increased damage and a larger decrease in movement speed. Well, it looks like the same move was made by Rowlet (Decidueye) as well.

Ability 1 upgrade

These upgrades were also revealed as part of the moves leaks from Sableye in Pokémon Unite.

trick attack Shadow sneak
Did the user cast a phantom Aeos energy to a certain place. While the Aeos phantom energy remains in the location, that location and the surrounding area will be visible to the user. Aeos phantom energy can remain in up to five positions at a time.
If an opponent Pokémon captures the phantom Aeos energy, that energy explodes, causing damage over time to that Pokémon and reducing its movement speed for a short time. Sableye can keep a maximum of three uses in reserve for this movement.
CD: 1 second
For a short time, it increases the speed of the user’s movement and makes him enter stealthily. While this move is activated, the user’s next enhanced basic attack deals additional damage. While this step is activated, if the user exits stealth and the obstacle does not impede their movement, they will be able to enter stealth again.
CD: 11 seconds
upgrades: If an opposing Pokémon while taking damage over time is kicked out from this move, it will drop more Aeos energy than normal. upgrades: Increases the duration of the effects of this movement. While this move is active and the user is in stealth, it will gradually restore HP.

Unite Move – Phantom Ambush

This move causes the user to shoot from both eyes, causing damage to a Pokémon in the area of ​​effect (AoE) in front of themselves. The Pokémon of the opposing team that was hit by the move and facing the user is left unable to act and begins to prepare to return to base.

If they take damage before returning to base, the rollback effect is cancelled, and they are left unable to act for a short time. The opposing Pokemon that has been moved and who are not facing the user have their movement speed slowed down for a short time.

last thoughts

Certainly, the unique moves and passive abilities of the Sableye make it, something to be hype about. With the news of their release, the long wait began. The estimated time for their release will be Halloween time. In particular, since the evil Pokemon of the Dark type and/or Ghost is perfect for Halloween. Stay tuned to follow us on our news feed for more updates and a guide on the original game’s next Pokémon, Scizor.

What are your thoughts on the leaks of Sableye’s animated collections in Pokémon Unite? Let us know at Comment section less!

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