Overwatch like 3v3 mobile shooter is now open for pre-registration on Android devices

T3 Arenaa high-octane shooting hero from XD Incon Android devices this fall and is currently accepting pre-registration at Google Play Store. With over 3 million downloads since its initial release on iOS and TapTap earlier this year, T3 Arena pits players into intense 3v3 battles across a variety of maps with a wide variety of characters.

Matches are much easier for players who are new to shooting games because the weapons aim and shoot automatically no matter what modes or characters you choose. With fast-paced three-minute battles, T3 Arena offers a great experience to play and capture for everyone.

Compete in different online modes with a large cast of characters in the T3 Arena

Together with Hua Ling, a new player in the arena who uses her compound bow to shoot powerful arrows from a distance, the popular T3 Arena attracts all kinds of different heroes. Hua Ling has a variety of active, passive, and ultimate skills, just like any other playable character. One of her ultimate abilities is the Whirlwind, where she creates a whirlpool that advances to damage enemies.

T3- Arena- New Character-1-1024x576
Image via XD Inc.

There’s a character fit for everyone’s playstyle in the T3 Arena, from the legendary hacker Shell with her flappy drones to Aleta with her automatic pistols. Use these characters to fight in one of eight game modes, including the classic team deathmatch and Clash, an all-new formula based on elimination with no return after defeat. The team that wins three out of five matches is declared the winner. Players can choose from the 18 characters currently available, with more to come. Here are the main features of this game:

  • 3-minute rides for fast-paced fun
  • Collect different heroes and upgrade them to unlock unique skills
  • Competitive matches automatic shooting weapons to relax
  • Play solo or team up in voice chat for even stronger collaboration
  • Battle players in game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Free-for-All modes, and new modes such as Payload Escort

Everyone’s playstyle can match one of the 18+ heroes on the list. T3 Arena is currently available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store for Android users.

Are you excited that T3 Arena is now ready to pre-order on Android devices? Let us know in the comments below!

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